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12" Vinyl RO 14.10.19
vinyl only - ltd to 300 copies - 180g pressing - sahau = kozo, dan andrei, paul agripa
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl RO 15.11.17
one vinyl, two tracks, three artists. this is how the latest va from zimbru could be summed up.
on side a we have a driving mysterious groove amped up by the sexy bassline and the deep moody atmosphere. sahau&#700,,,,,,,,,,s track is immersed in an electro eclectism that is meant to be subtle and dynamic at the same time. this was recorded live and it&#700,,,,,,,,,,s pressed as it was.
side b is the dark side for sure. this time it&#700,,,,,,,,,,s only kozo and dan andrei (ak41) and their rendering is a hypnotic 12 minute long piece layered with a multitude of sounds ranging from the crickets and jungle birds to the more electronic bubbly and metallic tones. it&#700,,,,,,,,,,s named after paul who had already left the building when this was recorded.
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl, 180gr RO 21.10.15
zimbru is just one of the new additions to our label roster. focused on a more housy approach this outlet is looking for sounds that cross the boundaries between techno and house, collaborations between artist friends and nonetheless eternal dance music.
that being said zimbru debuts with a double tracker by sahau, the brainchild of dan andrei, kozo and paul agripa, entitled montreal ep.
side a is a pure house gem with breaks attitude, suitable for both night and day, indoor or outdoor. a new jersey influence can be clearly heard in those synths, hence probably the name nj breaks.
montreal, on side b, seems to be a different beast. with powerful swing and a catchy theme this track means business.
vinyl only release !
out of stock
12.95 EUR *
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