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7" Vinyl UK 17.06.19
peru s stalwart salseros sabor y control return to names you can trust and the 45 format with a brand new pair of signature compositions from band leader and saxophonist bruno macher. collaboratively recorded and produced with nyct in lima s barranco district, these exclusive versions and custom mixes are a throwback to the beautifully raw recordings of 1970s salsa dura. the final result is a testament to the group s tremendous power as a live act and to the musicianship and synergy formed from nearly two decades of playing together, fittingly showcased on the preferred vinyl format.
Names You Can Trust
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12.66 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 21.08.17
originating from lima, peru - sabor y control has been holding the torch for classic salsa dura and descarga in their home country for the last 17+ years, churning out an unprecedented 7 studio albums and countless live shows and festivals. led by saxophonist bruno macher and a talented orchestra of the highest order, the group maintains a steadfast dedication to the roots of the genre while maintaining a particular vision and style throughout their own original compositions. they have been a rare beacon of light for modern salsa peruana and salseros throughout south america. now, they ve teamed up with brooklyn s names you can trust to produce their first ever vinyl release to showcase internationally. this pair of sure shot salsa bombas feature incredible arrangements & writing that are at once deep, uplifting and primed for the dancers. it s a superb taster of tunes remixed and remastered exclusively for 7-inch vinyl play.
Names You Can Trust
out of stock
12.18 EUR *

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