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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: sair feat adam chini
7" Vinyl UK 04.09.18
portuguese multi-instrumentalist sair and american vocalist and boogie producer adam chini are known for their respected releases on the most go-to boogie labels of the moment, like omega supreme, star creature universal and hobo camp. they ve now teamed up to deliver 2 stunning slices of modern synthy soul on boogie café s neon sister label. with adam s dope vocals on the a and the sairs jazzy instrumental on the flipů this is already getting early support from headz worldwide. dj support: liquid pegasus, razor n tape, danny spence / austin boogie crew (abc records), andrew morgan (ppu recordings / ear cave), boogie80, marcia carr (mi-soul radio), dennis probert (ghetto disco/ liverpool disco festival), natasha kitty katt probert (suncenbeat/ghetto disco/ liverpool disco festival), (elivity), pepe hausius (born to shine), paul conroy (soul train radio), mike vitti (mi-soul radio), deli gee (the touch), vex kiddy (royale athlete, germany), yam who (ism/midnight riot), gwizski (omega supreme records), dave jarvis (love vinyl), teddy mike (neon finger), feel the real soundsystem.
Boogie Cafe
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