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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: s-tone inc. with toco & friends
12" Vinyl IT 15.12.17
eight years after moon in libra (sccd/lp 407), the new s-tone inc.s onda consolidates the partnership between stefano tirone and his longtime friend and collaborator tomaz di cunto aka toco, who co-wrote 8 of the 10 album tracks. a strongly heartfelt black rio-inspired effort, ranging from groovy brazilian soul-funk to mellow soulful chill moments, featuring historical (laura fedele, manuela ravaglioli) and new (barro, qinho, the 4maré quartet) contributes on vocals, for a very personal and original result.
A1: Sands of Time
A2: Vontade de Viver
A3: Luz da Joaca
A4: Vale do Mistério
A5: I Cant Keep up with your Love
B1: Superbacana
B2: Zona Norte
B3: Chuva de Verao
B4: Zuzu
B5: Estrada Real
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