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12" BE 04.11.21
japanese ryogo yamamori releases his first solo ep on non series. four pure, hypnotic and minimalistic cuts
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8.65 EUR *
12" US 11.06.18
katharsis was originally a regular party organized at the infamous contact, tokyo, the home of the electronic music scene in japan. in 2017 katharsis recordings was launched, with the first release being touted by many in the japanese techno scene and played by the likes of dj nobu at dekmantel.the second release will be scripted with another compilation of 4 japanese artists. the first on the a side, mikuni kaido by head honcho masafumi take, is a fresh track that combines nostalgic arps and analogue bass. the other main member kannabi s track -shoka- on the b side is an abstract rhythmical piece that evolves slowly. the second track on the a side -kirisame- is by a new member o-ma. a modular synth enthusiast, his unique analogue sounds are a trademark of his tracks. the last track on the ep is -yoake- by veteran ryogo yamamori. the rolling beat and spacey synth sound gradually build up to a climax and makes this track perfect for the dance floor. all 4 tracks are distinctly different showcasing the identity of each artist. this new movement represents a fresh approach to the japanese
Katharsis Recordings
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12" US 06.10.17
tokyo based techno label human lessons is proud to announce our very first vinyl release of confusion. this ep is quite deluxe because it s the exactly a year ago the label has officially started and thus we wanted to do something special this time. the boss of the label emika elena worked two tracks with one of the best producers in japan ryogo yamamori. human lessons welcomes great producers as remixers, half of the hiss:1292 duo swiss producer opuswerk, who releases for dement3d, and farceb is one of the most promising newcomers in argentina, he recently provided his podcast for polegroup. the ep contains 4 tracks, things kick off with paranoid is a perfect track for peak time. paradox is simultaneously deep and unique, opusweak remix is for later hours and farceb delivers a minimalistic remix.
Human Lessons
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10.64 EUR *
12" US 02.05.17
ryogo yamamori announced the start of a new imprint called kagerou in 2017, which focus on both digital and analogue releases. first cut ryogo’ssolo shakunetsu e.p. is this low-key tokyo veteran techno artist’s most ethereal work yet.
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11.46 EUR *
12" 02.02.16
tokyo touch down: ovum welcomes one of japans most consistent techno producers in recent years ryogo yamamori. the man behind the well-respected 951 imprint and a dj schedule that frequently sees him demonstrating dark strategies from korea to canada, ryogo makes his ovum debut with a tight tech triptych
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4.06 EUR *
V/A 1.0
12" NL 13.03.20
techno diversity from 4 artists on the 2nd secession release.
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8.02 EUR *
12" BE 25.09.19
first ep of the varios compilation series. including tracks by ryogo yamamori, yogg, viels and ribe.
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8.14 EUR *
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