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12" 08.10.21
rudosa returns to his manchester based imprint, with a brand-new addition to the labels ever growing list of talented artists, now to include us based female techno queen sara landry. rudosa has cementing his label quickly within the underground movement, after a string of successful releases from himself, as well as vas hosting some standout tracks from charlie sparks, hioll, blicz, balrog and slv.
Moments In Time
in stock
9.24 EUR *
12" 12.01.21
rave monster! rudosa is stepping up for the third release -impetuous- this october, with a 3-tracker. the title track is jacking with a 90s club energy to it and a pumping rhythm. -nature of consciousness- is the broody track of the release with ominous undertones and an unnerving arp line. trippy trance influences alongside some punchy drums make up -the last act-.
Moments In Time
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9.24 EUR *
12" 15.10.19
played by amelie lens! manchester-based dj/producer rudosa launches his new imprint moments in time with an massive techno release from the boss himself. rudosa has been making impressions in the techno scene for over a decade by releasing an intelligent, yet driving strain of music on the likes of intec, second state and we are the brave. with the lead track of this first release being supported heavily by the likes of amelie lens, richie hawtin and pan-pot to name a few, starting his own label came as the natural next step for this well-honed sound smith.
Moments In Time
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8.18 EUR *
12" BE 18.09.19
acid rave trechno tracks!
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
12" 22.03.19
Noir Music
out of stock
7.36 EUR *
12" 04.03.19
amazing first release on the new klangkuenstler label outworld ! must have for fans of shdw & obscure shape and regal, already played by amelie lens
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8.39 EUR *
2x12" 30.04.21
moments in time is gearing up for an exciting and busy schedule of releases in 2021, featuring some of the worlds greatest up and coming techno artists, this hand-picked compilation by the labels founder rudosa stands as a reminder of those rave-inspired memories we all long for. to be transported back to a particular feeling or >moment in time<.
Moments In Time
in stock
14.28 EUR *
MIT 002
12" 26.02.20
finest techno rave tracks gained huge support from amelie lens, charlotte de witte, richie hawtin, and anna
Moments In Time
out of stock
8.18 EUR *
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