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12" Vinyl D 07.11.19
strong berlin techno
Fossil Archive
in stock
10.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 07.03.17
both roberto and his own fossil archive label continue to go from strength to strength. roberto has consistently delivered at dj bookings that have seen him return time and again to the likes of tresor and fabric, while the label has fast become a favourite in dj boxes and amongst techno heads. the label closed 2016 on a high with its first set of remixes from two techno legends, sterac and rolando. and now for the first release of 2017 roberto is thrilled to draft in the refined skills of fachwerk’s roman lindau. roberto has of course released on fachwerk in the past and been featured on the bill on more than one occasion when the berlin label have taken over berghain, so roman is a fitting and very welcome addition to his uk imprint. teaming up for ‘nerinea trinodosa’ on the a-side, roman and roberto’s production styles complement one another perfectly on this solid peak-time offering, bringing a depth and power that continues the fossil archive dedication to raw and unfaltering beats. roberto then goes it alone for ‘triage’ on the b-side, a track which was already featured on alan fitzpatrick’s recent fabric mix cd. with its tough tribal sound and deep bass, there’s some serious funk in the groove, completing another essential release from the fossil archive camp.
Fossil Archive
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
cd UK 27.04.16
die neue fabric-cd kommt vom briten alan fitzpatrick, einem der derzeitigen protagonisten des techno und aushängeschild des schwedischen kultlabels drumcode. sein von anfang bis ende durchdachtes mixset zeugt von zeitloser qualität. mit verantwortlich dafür sind neben vielen namhaften vertretern des zeitgenössischen techno auch exklusive edits (mark broom, boxia) sowie bislang noch ungehörte tracks/remixes von fitzpatrick selbst (where haus?, drewxhill bullets remix).
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10.99 EUR *
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