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12" UK 07.06.21
ipaadi is a new label from interventions yewande adeniran (ifeoluwa) the first release is from giant swans robin stewart and its amazing.
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12" lp UK 28.11.14
low-down and dirty jazz goes right back to the early 1900s in storyville, after the bands had played their hot tunes in the evening for dancing couples, the musicians would head off to the after-hours joints and play a less energetic but more bluesy kind of music, enabling them and their late-night audiences to get through to the early hours of the morning without suffering total exhaustion. and nobody in new orleans laid into the blues so low down and dirty as buddy bolden, whose funky butt became a staple in the repertoire of the citys early jazz bands.
jacksonville, florida, 1960. charles hungry williams mentors young clayton fillyau after he had just joined the james brown band: *i dont care where you put it on those drums, remember where 1 is and you ll never lose the time. listen to hungry on huey smiths *talk to me baby* and then listen to how clayton turns it into a relentless breakbeat on james browns *i ve got money*. earl kings *trick bag*, prefiguring the meters, is as good an example of early new orleans funk as can be found.
HoS Records
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