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12" Vinyl () D Pre sale
spanning over twenty years we couldnt be more excited to present nikola gala. first up for 2019 is the slide ep a one two punch of super tight beats an hypnotic leads. roberto clementi slams his remix taking it on to a whole new mind-trip.
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.03.19
roberto clementi joins the made of concrete family
Made of Concrete
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.11.18
following releases on soma and echo echo, roberto clementi is back on on edge society with >metavex ep<, his follow up to 2016 >model n4<. roberto delivers his finest work to date with three hard hitting techno cuts with no remix needed.
On Edge Society
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.10.18
roberto clementi delivers his cadmio ep on echocord sub-label echo echo this october, containing four original tracks from the italy-based artist. kenneth christiansens echo echo imprint, offers up its fifth release here, accurately reflecting his appetite for the more celestial, dubbed out side of techno. this release sees the return of roberto clementi to the echo platform after three releases on the parent imprint, echocord plus 10 years worth of released music to his name, notably a number of eps and an album on soma. the ep kicks off with a fresh dub induced charmer entitled conte which in italian translates to with you, and stands as an accurate tag for this warm and intimate opener. irradi follows, a more upbeat and industrious dance track – with euphoric synth lines sitting harmoniously in between the more uniform percussion before stimulating crashing symbols are introduced in the latter stages. title-track cadmio is up next, a more dropped-tempo, electro tinged number, with off-kilter drum patterns gracefully balancing amongst the alluringly sedative melody. the b2 and final track blue growth’ then provides a close to the ep with a lo fi 4/4 drum pattern together with hardened snares and crashes contrasted by delicate dub swells providing feelings of symmetry a theme that is consistent throughout the whole ep.
Echo Echo 005
Echo Echo
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.02.18
moc’s alek s returns to the mothership with his third full ep, dropping just in time for the label’s third birthday. kicking off the release in style, „consciousness outline“ lays down the groundwork for a solid slice of punchy techno. featuring a minimal array of elements, which aptly intertwine instead of seeing new layers pile up, it’s a gradual build up of a powerful groove. hypercolour & soma records alum roberto clementi takes on remix duties, revamping „consciousness outline“ into a cavernous techno affair. switching the main focus on the percussive leads proves a good venture, as it results into a piece with major dance appeal. „penny drop“ dives in with a spacious loop, which keeps centre stage throughout the entire construction. overall, it’s an airy track, with ample pads and a loose yet gripping melody. „neverending“ rounds off the pack in an atmospherical, upbeat fashion. ascending synth pads make for an uplifting ambiance, all set on a backbone of electrifying percussion.
MOC 016
Made of Concrete
Last Copy!
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.03.17
identitatem ep is a perfect falling point in marco bruno s dimension, old-school shades meets a powerful wave of basses and 909 drums for an outstanding work composed by three original tracks and a remix by roberto clementi. let introduce you this guy who already detains brilliant releases on decoy, flash rec, sk black, and many more. we re waiting for his debut on dynamic reflection.
Adroit Recordings
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.01.17
italian roberto clementi has really struck a chord in the hearts of northerners, with releases on scottish soma, danish echocord colour and swedish kontra-musik. perhaps it’s his ability to create evolving and often emotional melodic landscapes over raw, punchy beats that’s especially appreciated north of the wall. this is very much true for true rotary recordings, in any case, bringing roberto clementi in for the label’s second release. ‘to balance a tide’ is perfectly set in the true rotary recordings universe, combining analogue warmth with genuine musicality. there’s no question roberto clementi has soul and has willingly poured some of it into this release, the music has a considerable thickness to it that’s very pleasing to the ear, yet it’s still exceptionally artful. clementi’s soul seems to be an ancient one, given the timelessness of his tracks – old svek releases come to mind but with an added futuristic twist. this is music for dancing and music for dreaming, all in one package. true rotary recordings is run by joel alter and ena cosovic. stemming from a longstanding mutual appreciation for the combination raw techno with more seductive sounds, the label is a natural development of joel’s and ena’s musical and personal partnership. true rotary recordings represents their mutual musical vision and vibe that they love. keeping it raw and genuine.
True Rotary Recordings
Last Copy!
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.01.17
out with old, in with the bold… pets prepare us for a fresh new year start with an early-ears peak at what they have in store for 2017. it starts right here with a techno maestro who – thanks to a deep stash of thoroughbred beats on soma, hypercolour, echocord and kontra – shouldnt require much of an introduction: roberto clementi.
Pets Recording
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.09.16
bastinov is back on etruria beat with his new space programmer ep the main title starts with an hypnotic synth sequence on a 909 based beat driving thru some drony sounds. cosmic comes next with fat arpeggios, driving the song with melancholic vibes. on the flip side roberto clementi takes the title track into darker zones with some distorted elements and drones. last comes regis, a detroit influence track which reminds you of the glory days of the motor city.
Etruria Beat
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 29.04.16
soma’s italian connection, roberto clementi, makes a welcome return opening his 2016 account with the solid, “wall of people”. including a top notch remix form ilian tape label heads, marco & dario zenker. robert has slowly been building his credentials in the techno world with some fine releases and this driving number is another to add to increasing discography with soma.
the zenker brothers remix opens the ep as the munich based duo lend their deep and highly refined production talents to “wall of people”. ruptured beats play havoc with a shimmering high end and rattling percussive elements all tied in with a pulsing, modulating synth hook that keep the track feeling fairly dark. clementi’s original shows a much harder edge to his previous work with big, sub heavy beats worked around a more pumped up rhythm and tearing synth line
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.02.16
one edge society is back with the man of the moment roberto clementi. model n4 ep packs two stripped down relentless club cutz. ideal for the dance floor roberto reworks both sides and leaves no questions unanswered.
On Edge Society
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 27.11.15
powerfull techno tracks, full of deepness, heavy staps and dubby elements, perfect for the dancefloor.
Echocord Colour 033
Echocord Colour
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.01.15
after an acclaimed album on soma and two releases on echocord colour, it s time for italian producer and sound designer roberto clementi to join the kontra-musik family.
Kontra Musik
out of stock
8.89 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.12.14
for its third release, sorry for this records welcomes italian innovator roberto clementi to its stables, providing two lush cuts of deep techno and then invites steve o’sullivan to slow things down a little.
Sorry for this
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 04.08.14
a record that features deepness, heavy staps, dubby elements and a heavy monster remix by norman nodge
Echocord Colour 029
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 07.07.14
we welcome a new artist on echocord colour, the super talented roberto clementi from italy
Echocord Colour 028
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.09.12
italian based producer roberto clementi. a warm, analogue dub house feeling immediately rolls through his tracks with deep, techno orientated sub bass permeating layers or rich synth work and crisp evolving percussion. having previously released on ny based producer brendon moellers steadfast records, roberto continues down the path to sonic delight with 4 tracks forged in the underground.
Soma Black
in stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.02.12
roberto clementi hails from a small town on italys east coast somewhere between riccione and rome. he is much more of an inventive sound designer as opposed to an average music producer. his tunes range from deep and lush to uplifting and party-pumping - often fueled by minimal subby basslines, retro-ish melodic elements, elegantly cut-up vocals, and an overall warm, analog feel. he currently has releases and remixes on labels like unfoundsound, monique musique, distric raw, undercut, stolen moments, manual music, kompass musik, suara, greel pound, sk supreme, and others. he is also one-half of i-rob alongside roby dj, and they have releases on labels like autist, tenax recordings, clasque musique, and others. his debut ep for steadfast features 3 techno trax ranging in mood and atmosphere but all sharing a perfect dancefloor sensibility and top-notch production. brendon moellers reshape aint half bad either.
steadfast 014
Steadfast Records
out of stock
7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.04.08
played by margot 3 channels, someone else, jeff samuel and many more !! 2nd release of the sandro russo (ex m.a.s. collective) + cristian pugliese (aka kriss) + limo s label called undercut - including the southern alliance remix (autist records)
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
cd UK 30.05.14
roberto clementi aus italien zählt zu den ideenreichsten und kreativsten djs/produzenten der aktuellen underground dance-szene und bringt nach zahlreichen singles und eps nun sein debütabum auf soma heraus, auf dem er mit elf technisch versierten tech-house-groovern überzeugt.
out of stock
11.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.01.19
vinicius honorio doesn’t do anything by halves. part one of this new remix pack from his own liberta records features works from roberto clementi, alex bau, hemka and fiedel.
in stock
9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 06.11.17
ultra smooth dub techno incl roberto clementi remix
GabCat Records
in stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.02.17
nice price deal !!! andrea paganin is our latest member of the kompass family from italy. his former releases on labels such as tenax, modulator or circle already stirred quite a buzz and now its his turn on kompass musik presenting to us his >big shit deluxe ep<. its andreas dark and classic original on a1, followed by a remix by his circle label fellow marco sarto, which takes things a bit straighter. on the flip side its well-known argentian seph known guy showing us his remix skills. his releases on phonocult and dumb-unit made him quite famous already and we are proud to have his dark but deep minimal techno remix production aboard. to complete the package, its roberto clementi, a london based italian who contributes a bouncy and twisted piece of music, a perfect addition to the whole package. we love it.
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.10.13
transition lab recordings is proud to present its first release. the label start with 2 tracks from ol-047. it includes a huge remix by deadbeat (echocord, blkrtz, wagon repair) and roberto clementi (echocord, soma). ol-047 is the connection between genres and city. inside the project two souls mix their shapes, alessandro stefanio and andrea santoro come from a long and deep experience in the clubbing scene as djs and producers.
Transition Lab Recordings
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
cd UK 07.08.12
the offical bora bora 2012 cd compiled and mixed by bora bora resident dj gee moore! featuring carl craig , matthias heilbronn, slam, christian smith, funk d void...
in stock
14.99 EUR *
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