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12" Vinyl D 27.12.19
hypnotic ambient music
Envlp_Imprint + Souterraineorg
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12" Vinyl D 20.12.19
black vinyl

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sonorous waves ist das neue label von roberto bosco. ein label, das geboren wurde, um seiner kreativität freien lauf zu lassen und neue sachen zu veröffentlichen.
Sonorous Waves
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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.14
with a discography that includes releases on night vision, be as one imprint, applied rhythmic technology (art) and francois ks wave music, roberto bosco commands a certain level of respect. here bosco surfaces on balance with introspective, a project that engages more explicitly with the styles and signifiers of tech house than the italians previous work.
Balance Music
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12" Vinyl IT 12.02.14
at the end of the 90s a few friends united by love for music used to meet in an underground place dubbed last drop where they collected vinyl sharing music. our music comes from our souls and for us the music is the universal language of any hearts. last drop records born from the need of spread our concept to make music connecting with the universe ... music is connection.
Last Drop Records
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12" Vinyl UK 09.07.13
part 1 of 2, slamming detroit techno
Applied Rhythmic Technology
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12" Vinyl UK 09.07.13
part 2 of 2, slamming detroit techno
Applied Rhythmic Technology
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12" Vinyl D 26.01.12
after two smoldering releases on figure & spc, roberto bosco is back for his third offering for len fakis spc imprint. a future-classic 4 track techno ep, with more than enough to keep the peak time floors happy, this is big room music at its most intelligent and sensitive. easing us into the thick of it, charming noise takes humming, rumbling bass tones and a metallic clang as its themes. slow burning and readily effective, its a brooding monster for the late hours. i just cant breathe pushes the adrenalin up a few notches in a screaming, white noise attack on the senses. boscos trademark heavy bass rumble and crisp percussion layers hold their own in this reduced killer. were then ready to embark on an emotional voyage as the masterful see the light emerges from the depths with its pushing acid bass and beautiful atmospheric melody. classic strings and synths swirl and build in a tender and heartfelt piece of timeless techno. closing the ep, i was lonely takes the vibe into more reduced, after-hours zones with robertos cool and low-slung take on the smoother sound of futuredeep house.
Figure SPC
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12" Vinyl D 22.08.11
next up on falkplatz we chose one of italys most talented and uprising producers for contemporary dance music. roberto bosco from salerno. bosco already released on francois ks wave music, on orlando voorns night vision and is currently preparing his first full length for len fakis figure label. beside that he founded his own imprint flying donkey music together with claudio mate. for falkplatz roberto produced two tracks, that catch the ears of housefanatics (good lover) as well as the hearts of the technolunatics (untitled). remixes this time come from panorama bar resident steffi, who gave the original a touch of oldschool and sadness and from the falkplatz conspiracy (oliver deutschmann & ed davenport) who mixed a crafty acid influenced warehouse banger out of the original.
Falkplatz 05
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12" Vinyl FR 09.06.11
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12" Vinyl ES 17.12.10
roberto bosco is a young italian producer with a short but highly impressive discography, citing labels such as samuel l. sessions klap klap, orlando voorns night vision and len fakis figure. lately, he has released on be as one, an israeli imprint thats attracted the tastes of loco dice, gui boratto, kate simko, agoria and gummihz. claudio mate has an unique kind of sound: there is something like classic atmospheres expressed into new spine-tingle grooves, a deep-cosmic-solid journey or more simply just the trip of his life story. claudio mate got the respect of such names like the godfather of techno music juan atkins (for him claudio remixed >game one< previously licensed on the legendary metroplex), orlando voorn, francois k, derrick may and manuel gottsching. the swedish techno heads like adam beyer, samuel l session, joel mull always supported him since the first projects. mate & bosco together are abstract souls, a new project set up to develop their deepest sound. >abstract souls ep< is their first release under their new moniker and contains 4 deep techno tracks, solid techno grooves infused with dark dubby atmospherics and cosmic influenced rhythms.
Dpress Industries
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12" Vinyl UK 30.09.10
snapshot records are back with the long awaited remixes of roberto boscos >hong kong<. rising star bosco previously releasing on wave and figure records hits us with his title track twisting and turning into an uplifting dancefloor-friendly chord-driven essential deep techno cut. claudio mates remix keeps it deep and emotional unfolding his raw groove style, flipping the 12 over label head elliott dodge moves straight to the floor with a rolling sparkle of enjoyment, layering sounds that hook and lock you in for the ride. rennie fosters mix has to be one of his best tech-house remixes of his career, mixing his signature sound and taking boscos original to a whole new level. all in all, four serious tracks that will find themselves hitting the floors for along time coming.
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12" Vinyl D 29.07.10
after his last storming ep on figure spc, young italian talent roberto bosco comes to figure with a new four track masterclass in rumbling, earth-shaking and proudly contemporary techno. berlin music city features the mysterious vocals of coppa, who leads us into the break of this heavyweight track with his deep dub-step flavoured drawl. funky, ecstatic and characterised by bosco s raw and crisp sound.more bass pressure awaits with sci-fi . a tough, sub-diven punch greets us from the outset, allowing a freaky array of static fx, tripping synths and meandering chimes to lead us on through a strange, imaginary city. suitably tough, crunching and close to the bone, no time combines bosco s clear love of tectonic beats with uplifting, dj-friendly arrangements. a devilish hook emerges from the smoke and steam, leading to a dramatic conclusionà. finally the industrial clatter of >after berlin< stirs up a rich dub-techno display in this surging, lively and essential addition to the package!
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8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.06.10
roberto bosco is becoming a household name these days in electronic music. he burst on to the scene with a remix of juan atkins classic >game one< in 2007 on orlando voorns nightvision records. since then, hes gone on to get praise from françois k, who has regarded robertos music as having an effortless quality. an almost dazzling sense of ease that masks a very strong foundation. a depth and musical maturity that belies his young age. this penned him to his >my universe< ep release on wave music earlier this year. now, mr. bosco has outdone himself with this 2 tracker ep release for minimalsoul recordings. simply put, its a timeless journey into the new sound of electronic music as we know it today. >biosphere ep< is a diamond in the rough and a positive input to quality underground electronic music!
Minimal Soul
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12" Vinyl US 17.02.10
francois ks wave music returns to the fore with a new ep from rising star roberto bosco and in so doing takes a further step into the world of deep, dubby and sonically spacious techno. bosco is still in his early twenties but in his short career to date has already developed a stellar recording cv with releases for samuel l. sessions klap klap, orlando voorns night vision, len fakis figure and shlomi abers be as one as well as remixes for the likes of juan atkins infiniti project.
already support by laurent garnier, stacey pullen, agoria, slam, brendon moeller, terry francis, xpansul, darren emerson, marco bailey, lars klein
Wave Music
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12" Vinyl D 12.11.09
big with: ben klock, brendon moeller, alan fitzpatrick, pär grindvik, chris liebing, anja schneider, orde meikle, deetron, a. mochi, adam beyer, samuel l session, joris voorn,.. the respected italian producer roberto bosco pushes the blurry boundaries of club techno with this edgy, agile and highly functional 4-tracker on figure spc. letting the games begin straight away with one, a bass-loaded pumping groove leads the action as we step into a cavernous hall resonating with classic techno hypnotism. careful arrangement tweaks, jacking, sharp percussion and knee-trembling sub-frequencies are all present in this well-defined peak time treat for the floor. the twisting, freaking opening bars of circle dub quickly evolve into a strange but beautiful beast, utilising boscos trademark solid drum array, but also a drifting, dubbed out scattering of synth lines, taking the focus from our heads to our hearts. super-pumped and primed for warehous sessions everywhere, the title of the b1 track club sums it up perfectly
Figure SPC
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.05.09
italian techno-soul promise roberto bosco has been getting the attention of many legendary artists lately. after his first works for orlando voorn and samuel l. sessionÆs labels, his talent has been soon recognized by be as one, signing his ep ôthe way is always the same , a two tracker of old school flavoured techno. the way is always the same is a stab-driven techno tune with a straight groove and an uplifiting vibe, perfect for those carefree dancing moments. already road tested by a few lucky ones.on the flipside, the slow paced dub piano is a deep number of pure emotionally-driven music, crossing boundaries between dub, house and techno. a wrapping heatwave which will warm up hearts and souls at every airplay
Be As One
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12" Vinyl FR 15.09.08
finest deep groovin timeless dub techno
Nightvision 15
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D .
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12" Vinyl US 31.08.12
support from many including speedy j, luke slater, richie hawtin, claude von stroke, gary beck, slam, terence fixmer, tony rohr, tim xavier, maetrik, danny tenaglia, sasha carassi ...
Hidden Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 16.06.16
the new studio 14 release white series remixes is a vinyl that collects four of the most talented artist in electronic music delving into tracks from david att forthcoming st14.000 remixes.giorgio gigli, roberto bosco , unbalance & dars and remixes emerge as brilliant and emotional diferent versions of the original tracks. a mix of experience and youth, from the deepest sounds, to the classic detroit sound, different versions that make this release, a brilliant release.
Studio 14
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FP 008
12" Vinyl D 11.05.15
brilliant four track vinyl with a great variety
Forbidden Planet
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12" Vinyl IT 13.02.14
vinyl only! second round in the little hill, for this ride, rave in the hill ep, we have more techno raw material, another two original tracks from label head lorentz, with techno-stomped works. here little hill team-up roberto bosco (wave music) wich propose a remix full of atmposphere and again owl(bpmfamily) strike us with his strong interpretation!
Little Hill
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12" Vinyl UK 09.11.12
mowar enters autumn with the 2nd instalment of deep floors, once again exploring the deeper grooves of techno. first up is ohios fbk, whose first release already goes back to 1996 on the legendary frictional records. with she brought me there fbk opens the dance with a solid deep dancefloor groover, driven by a hypnotic hook and infectious chords. stripped down and yet full of atmosphere. after that uks tom dicicco and italys roberto bosco team up to deliver all dem, another stripped affair with rolling drums and chord stabs, a solid blend of deep hypnotic layers of groove. on the flipside we find spains aiken with a strong detroit-infused workout, in-your-face kick drums, jacking rhythms and dramatic strings. your turntables will love it. last but not least, a new belgian upcoming producer stevie p delivers a dubbed out functional deep techno track with hip-sensitive chord stabs and a fiercely throbbing rhythm.
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10" Vinyl D 08.11.12
ultraphat berlin berghain style... bangin techno remixes , coming from markus suckut & roberto bosco
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl UK 05.07.12
deep floors vol. 1 is the first installment of a various artists series, combining the dancefloor energy and the mental deepness of proper techno. volume 1 delivers 4 deep techno tracks by irelands lee holman, swedens pehr genlogue, italys roberto bosco and belgiums searle. sonically the release ranges from mental cerebral trips to deeper detroitish grooves. lee holman and roberto bosco deliver two hypnotic mindfuck tools while perh genlogue and searle dive more into deeper stripped techno.
out of stock
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12" Vinyl UK 24.08.11
closely related to underground resistance, scan 7 is a mysterious detroit underground collective gathering seven artists. the group is most famous for its ninja like appearances, often dressed in black with black masks and hats, the use code names to protect there true identification, they believe its not who you see, but what you hear that is the most crucial element in techno! associated with such labels as underground resistance, soma & f communications, scan 7 via their own imprint have brought together a double cd of detroit influenced techno.
and ... this is the fourth sampler from their album >techno brings people together<.
Cratesavers International
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.12.10
supported by: reboot, dubfire, ewan pearson, samuel l session, raresh, tim xavier, christian smith,.. with oliver deutschmann & ed davenport polytone proceeds on its way to focus on exceptional artists who have something really profound to say musicwise. quite slowly, but highly stringently deutschmann and davenport build up this musical journey until, without really realising, youre in the middle of a very slamming house track of a truely oldschool kind which gains further drama due to subtle chord changes. in his remix, matthias vogt from motorcitysoul further emphasises the tracks house character by adding more chords and then lets the deepness culminate in a wonderful break. robert bosco totally breaks out of the traditional catgories house and techno and combines the best of both worlds in his remix distilling it to a kind of essence of electronic music. all three tracks have in common an immensely consistent approach and a pleasingly trend-resistant understanding of deep music
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 29.04.08
great detroitish techno supported by joris voorn !! evolutive system is an acronym for the french dj and producer maxx-t who runs the code 316 label, working along side kriss kortez, rennie foster and kan shinomura of futago trax. he has an ep due soon on orlando voorns night vision label, and other projects in the pipe line for dirty works (the label of rennie foster) and melodika (the label of fabrice lig). on remix duties we have roberto bosco, whos remix of infinitis game one was released last year on night vision and another from mxm, whos currently signed to claude youngs cynet media. he is also currently working with linkwood of firecracker recordings and jackmate from philpot
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7.79 EUR *
cd D 03.07.12
featuring 100% exclusive content from the likes of christopher rau, moomin, xdb, ron deacon, ed davenport and quell,future world is the first commercially available mix compilation from panorama bar resident and vidab/falkplatz boss, oliver deutschmann. released mon slim audio, the brand new label offshoot of berlins free slim magazine, slim tv and art/music/culture festival slim week, future world sees the citys own oliver deutschmann segue together an uncompromising selection of dubbed out house and raw techno. the curating of the mix, which will be release mixed, unmixed (with slight tracklist variations)
out of stock
17.39 EUR *
2x cd UK 28.06.11
closely related to underground resistance, scan 7 is a mysterious detroit underground collective gathering seven artists. the group is most famous for its ninja like appearances, often dressed in black with black masks and hats, the use code names to protect there true identification, they believe its not who you see, but what you hear that is the most crucial element in techno! associated with such labels as underground resistance, soma & f communications, scan 7 via their own imprint have brought together a double cd of detroit influenced techno.
Cratesavers International
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