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12" Vinyl D 09.03.11
supported by luciano, timo maas, pig & dan, anthony collins, woody, dustin zahn. rifraf is rafael gimelstein, recently relocated from sydney to berlin, born in lithuania, raised in israel, flowered in sydney. classically trained violinist, deep as fu*k party organiser and creator of sydneys earthdance festival, rifraf is now full time producer making his distinctive sound in electronic music world. philosophy started as a casual recording of his granny klara telling stories about her time in a concentration camp in germany, and singing the yiddish song tumbalalaika and ended as a very intelligent moving sound collage. the whole peace is a trip, which feeds you constantly with changing noises and visions. although philosophy is transferring a lot of aural information, it is never telling to much and still works perfectly on the dance floor. its just an intoxicating musical tale which drives you on a wild journey. with the both remixes, one of alexkid with his deep as fu*k remix and phillip baders off runner the release get its pretentious dance floor alternatives. fifteen seconds close this fine ep, which rafael did in coop with the young israeli producer omer from tel aviv.
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