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12" Vinyl UK 18.08.17
played by marcel vogel / it s been a while since we heard any new material from rick poppa howard, the father of prodigious house talent tevo howard. the soul and raw, off-kilter production style runs in the family, and -keep holdin on- demonstrates this perfectly with its immediate warmth and unfussy arrangement. -gimme that love- is the real gem on this record though, toying with a rubbery bassline and a touch more atmospheric detail that makes howards voice shine. that said, if you do require an instrumental version for any reason, the alternative cut stands proud on its own. for our money though, we d say howard s vocals are what makes this record special.
MATE 012
Intimate Friends
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 05.10.18
repress 2018, finally, i was able to be re-united with my father, rick (poppa) howard, in the studio again. he had two thoughts about the selections on this particular vinyl piece: >can your love find its way< is the track that laid out, and also, that he believed us to be blessed both in being reunited, and in what we were there to do. as my father continually offers me a knowledge that takes me time (sometimes years) to understand, i am very proud to offer this release to the world.
Beautiful Granville Records
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 05.05.10
ultracool old school inluenced house ltd 2010 repress !!
Beautiful Granville Records
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11.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 09.08.17
motor city drum ensembles dj kicks mix is the latest installation into the outstanding discography of danilo plessow, and is not to be missed. the addition of a selection of mcde exclusive tracks, and the majority of tracks being rare pieces of music from danilos personal collection make this a mix of not only exceptional mixing capability.
K7 Records

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CD (EUR 16.99)
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cd UK 24.05.16
groove armada haben während ihrer 20-jährigen karriere nichts von ihrer qualität, integrität und reputation verloren. sie spielen weiterhin lieber kleine, intime clubs als große stadionbühnen und genau so hört und fühlt sich auch ihr neues mixset für fabric an. das gerüst der -fabric live 87- ist der moderne, stark groovige house-sound von heute - von the revenge und move d über reset robot und nicole moudaber bis zu hexxy, dem neuen projekt von andy butler (hercules & love affair). ferner treffen die besten britischen house-labels wie freerange oder saved auf klassische us-pendants wie strictly rhythm oder kms. dazu gibt es sprengsel an electro von den chicken lips, brassfoot, bicep und rick (poppa) howard. und damit einen knapp 70-minütigen energieflash an kinetischen beats, rhythmen und grooves.
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
cd D 22.06.11
die erste offizielle mix-cd des stuttgarter house-produzenten mit exklusivem track und stücke von sun ra, aphex twin. rhythm and sound, tony allen, recloose u.a
K7 Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 25.99)
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16.99 EUR *

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