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12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
hell yeah is back with more beach ready and boat party styled summer tunes, this time from riccio. this italian producer has long been making essential edits, off kilter grooves and soul kissed house sounds that demand to be played loud and these new ones are no different. described by the label boss as balearic big beat, this ep kicks off with afro chemy, a scorching seven minute tune that builds on a bed of fat drums. the scattered percussion is loose and organic and when the funky bass and colourful xylophone sounds comes in you can t help but cut loose. add in a sexy trumpet line and you have the sound of summer distilled into seven sensational minutes. funky cave will get any party started with its old school drum breaks and cymbal splashes sounding like the ocean when you plunge in on a hot day. busted bass lines add a certain fatness and cosmic keys and steamy guitar licks make this another perfect outdoor anthem. last of all is the blissed out heather, one to drop at sundown after a long day s dancing. the beats are warm and lumpy, the synths smear out to the horizon like gently breaking waves and soulful leads really get your heart swelling. proper.
Hell Yeah
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 07.08.17
(boscoexv21 – 5.49€) after the last acclaimed pretty eyes ep, and releases on slow town, fly by night and messalina -don- riccio is back on bosconi extra virgin with a new four tracker ep fully inspired by his new residence in the middle of the mediterranean sea and where all his palette of different styles has been included.the record begins with the romantic vibe of the deep house and jazz-fusion oriented tune -here you are- , followed by the mid tempo jam of -marcela- where its guitar notes will take your mind and your soul really so far to another level, then on the flipside a more balearic approach and a joyful-motwonish mood for the disco track -please-, as you will imagine yourself dancing on a ring around the rosey holding your hands with each other, praying as a hymn for peace and love in the whole world, while the mysterious vibe of the rolling late-night house groover -tessie- closes up the ep with its shifting jazzy rhodes riffs, dramatic strings and cinematic atmosphere. more richness in club music for your incoming summer!
Bosconi Extra Virgin
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10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.10.16
the latest vinyl slice from fbnm sees us head to the depths of central africa via paris to track down a feast of rare seventies afro funky jams from cameroonian master musician eko. we ve brought fbnm favourite riccio along for the journey too, who has provided us with a fantastic rerub coaxing out some modern dancefloor sensibilities and production sparkle.
Fly By Night Music
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12" Vinyl UK 13.06.16
180gr - 300 copies , limited
as the climate cools down in australia, temperatures are rising in europe and one of italys finest selectors has taken charge of people must jams eighth record. deja vu is a ep that has been a long time in the making. the result, we hope you will agree has been worth the wait. the title track kicks the ep off with a killer funk groove that riccio works into something we think mark e would be happy with. dyson jam is an original cut that channels some of his inner moodymann vibes - heads down, lights down, fader up... for the b side we asked the incredible payfone (who has been racking up a solid string of releases on golf channel) to remix dyson jam and he has created a perfect contrasting remix to the rest of the tracks of the ep. a deep journey that takes the original into sub-dawn territory. 4am vibes! the final cut of the ep mystical stretcher, is a late night jazzy funk number. again a little mahogani inspired...
People Must Jam
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.10.15
slammin four track disco vinyl
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9.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 01.09.14
editorial return with one of italy s finest edit maestro s who delivers a superb 4 track ep of summer vibes. riccio has appeared on labels such as super value / fly by night / extra virgin / hidden history etc
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9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.07.14
second compilation on freedom sessions, just 250 copies, vinyl-only. four excellent deep jazzy and disco tracks for you.
Freedom Sessions
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 27.06.14
very special release on bosconi from soulboy riccio just few months after his astonishing disco burner -put the man out- on the stallions compilation and the acclaimed releases on fly by night and slow town. this time our disco wizard delivers with the track pretty eyes, according to us, one of his best piece of music to date!
Bosconi Extra Virgin
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9.50 EUR *
10" Vinyl NL 20.01.14
smooth southern european house music from italian master chef riccio (bosconi, super value, italy) on this 5th release on the spanish slowtown label. a small gem that comes as limited 10inch as a special 1st anniversary release. never go away shows the warmer side of riccio. a house cut, with balearic taste and mediterranean flavor. in the glow, the beat goes spacey and psychedelic drawing a dark disco-house vintage track. riccio al dente. classy house music from the south!
Slow Town Records
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9.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 05.12.13
now hitting release number six, fly by night music serves up something slightly different from riccio (bosconi // super value), complete with a remix from craig smith (6th borough project), for its latest offering. this is an equally classy release but more of an obvious disco tip. coming in a press of 200 limited blue vinyl and a letter press sleeve, this is another boutique package from fbnm. the man behind the jungle way ep is italian riccardo zanaroli aka riccio, who most recently appeared on the widely lauded bosconi compilation bosconi stallions. a dj, collector, producer and record seller, riccio is a staple on the italian scene and brings plenty of louche disco funk to this release.
Fly By Night Music
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9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.09.12
the bolognese disco don riccio returns on bosconi extra virgin with strong houseyoriented 4 tracker vinyl with a stunning dj sneak remix! still embedded in obscure disco and soul sampling, riccio is always keeping his distinguable touch dense of inspiration and love for the original american deep house rooted sound. about the beautiness of the tracks we can say that come back is a loopy and techy disco banger in the vein of ugly edits and soundstream, while son of love and undercover are two swinging and sweet deep house moments like we never heard rom riccio before. the release includes a pumping filtered reinterpretation of come back by the almighty dj sneak!
Bosconi Extra Virgin
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.02.11
a1: your last chance - very housey vibe on this one, with a heavy kick drum/snare combo. expanding synth line and very subtle percussive elements help the track build. it really kicks in when the vocals hit along with a funky ass bass groove. beautiful! a2: sailin 79 - slow paced track, centred on the vocal. great backing with bass, rising & shooting synth sounds. not so much for the dance floor, a great track for bar surroundings or a low key dj set! b1: youre welcome - smooth groove on this one, vocals are really well executed and give the track a great edge. killer track! b2: love is gone - super chilled track with a cosmic disco feel. waving synths, and echoed vocals create a very big sound. this track is encapsulating, pulling you into the groove for the entirety and sticking in your mind once its ended! brilliant stuff!
Super Value
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 31.05.10
bosconi extra virgin is proud to welcome into its family one of the 2 minds behind one of the most talked about disco house projects of the past 2 years! ladies and gentlemen 50% of super value ... formerly known as riccio! one of the brightest talents emerging from the italian contemporary club music scene. after his acclaimed sv08 and the super funk mix, riccio ihas dropped exclusively for us some of the sweetest music around that we can listen to, and its all about warmness and sensuality.
Bosconi Extra Virgin
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7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 24.03.10
new imprint from the ashes of hidden history has born please welcome to gentleman recordings. mr riccio rocks the first ep. a1) bags of groove and funky glitters are in this irresistible dance tune. a2) the boogie gets deeper, the loops are even more rhythmic then the chorus enters adding powerful disco diva-style. b1) dont stop to dance till you hear this! now the club is in full disco swing, here comes the hottest track.
Gentleman Recordings
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9.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.12.09
a1) new love - this elevating new track is deep, funky and sexy. the beat is ever growing, the bass never ending. disco mixes with deep winking and eye to electro. b1) low down - sounds like a completely different atmosphere. still funky, its the perfect tune for a poolside party in la as the sun is going down... smart, sexy ladies get the party started moving to this disco house dance tune. b2) dont stop is the natural conclusion to this 12inch. we re at the break of dawn when this drops, as the sun is rising. slow bpms and vocal intermissions for those whose feet still want to move to the groove.
Hidden History Recordings
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9.99 EUR *
GET ON UP (2X12)
2x12" Vinyl UK 28.12.10
classic - back in stock!
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.01.04
latin-durchdrungener elektro des chilenischen wahl-genfers. hocherotisch und..
Bruchstuecke 9
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.06.18
finally, copenema drops on vinyl. this special limited-edition vinyl ep especially for those summer beach bar vibes. the ep includes the much loved te faz bem which became a balearic classic in ibiza last summer after dj harvey regularly played it at his residency ‘mercury rising at pikes.
Music For Dreams
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12.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl IT 25.04.18
from the boom of the international neo-lounge revival italy has become the point of attraction of an almost maniacal interest. there is a lot of research work from different italian labels behind it. thanks to them even the latest generations have the chance to meet the made in italy sound of the soundtracks and library music and even more notoriety has been given to the genial arrangers, composers and musicians who have characterised the italian lounge scene of 60’s/70’s, such as ennio morricone and piero piccioni. a precious recovery of the past to revitalise the present, which builds up new ideas of the future. “metti una bossa a cena”, whose title is completely inspired by the famous soundtrack of ennio morricone, goes on into this research field, discovering very rare tracks of this italian bossa panorama. we believe the result is perfect. gerardo frisina, track compiler of this project, has brought to light some rare tracks and perfectly matched them to create an unique and elegant thread.
Schema Easy Series
Last Copy!
23.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl FR 19.04.18
bosconi records has long been renowned as arguably italy s foremost exporter of house and techno music. 10 years in, they celebrate one decade in the game courtesy of bosconi stallions volume 2features some of the label s most prominent names.
in stock
26.26 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.10.17
this is a selection of previously unreleased tracks created at home by enrico serotti, without any purpose other than the fun of playing with new musical devices. the tracks date from 1983 to 1999. a pretty long time span, coinciding with the transition from analog to digital technology. cover art by alessandro pessoli.
ORB 05
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24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 22.06.17
new common series with some fresh stuff!
Common Series
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12" Vinyl UK 03.04.17
from the westcoast of sweden neunaugen gives you three funky-space-electro-acid tracks for the dancefloor. no chance to sit still when this is played. electro boogie!
in stock
8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 28.11.16
the third edition of alma soul music s limited vinyl series is now on the streets! this time the head honchos of the label sign the four tracks of this absolutely black record. on the a side javier varez comes back after his well known -i m not real ep- with a couple of melodic and hypnotizing deep house tracks. the talented duo sosandlow (alex sosa + d low) also develop some deep vibes on their first cut -el mito- and they complete the b side with a bomb called -de la caverna-, specially for tech-house lovers. just let your alma dance!
Alma LTD
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.04.16
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 31.03.16
fly by night music heads deep under the cover of darkness with our first super limited white label edition, serving up a four tracker of sleazy jams and hot tub grooves. channeling soul, discofunk and old school house vibes straight from fbnm’s own boss lorenzo, white rabbit recordings head giovanni damico and label mainstays riccio and mayo soulomon, we have something for everyone if you are quick enough to grab a copy! 100 copies only, no digital, no repress, don’t sleep.
Fly By Night Music
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10.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl FR 19.02.16
after releasing music from japanese artists like rondenion, altz & onomono it s time for bosconi to export some of it s finest italian homegrown products to the land of the rising sun. this japan special edition release on bosconi extra virgin includes 5 exclusive unfitered sessions starting slightly more -old school- on the aside with the happy & dirt funk moods from minimono s track -all good so far- and the dark afro-funk force of riccio s serious banger -uhh-.the b side goes more quirky, beginning with the aquatic, gentle & sexy vibe of nas1 s opening sketch -polite- heading to the biting and raw bliss of rufus ghetto house cut -hellow- and closing with the epic, dreamy, romantic and driving punch of -see you soon- by life s track. 100% unfiltered extra virgin vibes!
Bosconi EXV
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10.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 14.09.15
part 2 of editors kutz 005 pressed on purple vinyl feat cuts from jkriv / noodleman / riccio & emvee who round things off nicely. with edits and reworks on little known or impossible to find originals, and some beloved classics, this release covers various disco styles, keeping the right balance between the uptempo and low tempo vibes. limited repress act fast
Editors Kutz
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.07.15
classic synth heavy house from italian house master nick simoncino. following his earlier remix for costelloe on signal code here he gives a full ep with a dub heavy remix from dj sotofett. known for his classic eps on mathematics, thug and lies, simoncino makes his full ep debut on signal code records.
Signal Code
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.06.15
for centuries, young wild boars have been denied of their right to gather freely and fall in love. their military based rituals were designated to reinforce twisted ethical principles in the minds of the followers and were the only social interaction allowed. a group of young infidels finally stopped fighting the urge and created a new ritual based on dancing, called lambada. this spiritual journey awoke the suppressed spirit of the wild boar and revealed the sincerely beautiful nature of this noble animal. sadly, lambada soon became known as the forbidden dance and all its partakers were persecuted. to this day, lambada remains an underground ritual and the legalize lambada crew is on a quest to revive it by throwing disco parties and pressing undercover vinyl. true infidels in the likes of riccio and mikeburns are sending us the first manifest!
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 14.06.13
rounding up the finest of our rare breeds for a show-stopping steeplechase, bosconi is proud to invite the world into our stables to demonstrate the sound we have been rearing for the past five years.leaping from the stocks in a flurry of high-pedigree house and techno, our stallions bring forth the values we hold dear in electronic music, from young foals such as herva and nicholas to seasoned steeds like a guy called gerald and nick anthony simoncino.
the first of the four records of the saga bosconi stallions is here: in honor to apacz between house and disco, he will be the first thoroughbred that will guide us through the first stage of this historic project that will revolutionize bosconi records. in his adventure will come accompanied by herva foal to race, with its powerful stay, followed by rondenion with the dawning output sunrize that bridges the solar put the man out of riccio until the darkest voices of san proper & the clover. it is the beginning of a long ride but absolutely pleasure.
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 23.09.11
new awaited various artist on extra virgin featuring some of our favourite homegrown artists, a 4 tracker ep that will definetly please your springtime: on a side you will find the soulful boogie vibe of mr d aquino with >she likes my body< and the dirty and rough street funk sound of newcomer artist e-dward!, while on b side you will experience the sunshiny and utopist slo-beat groove of the italian disco-don riccio and the obscure, freaked out, psychedelic and stripped down chicago-house track >saturday night< by our veteran jackers trio the clover. enjoy!
Bosconi Extra Virgin
in stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.05.10
zum fünfjährigen bestehen veröffentlicht tonkind nach langer zeit mal wieder eine vinyl ep. zur feier sind es auch gleich vier interpreten die sich hier der party schenken. unter anderem die turmspringer, die sich zum jubiläum ihres labels mit einer frischen jazzig-treibenden-minimal track präsentieren. in „coqauvin“ fliegen nach aller turmspringer manier die fetzen, das selbst dem gockel die luft weg bleibt. ihren einstand als produzenten team feiert mit „vuja“ herr süüs & her sauer, die seit jahren schon als djs die berliner underground szene aufmischen und mit beherschen. auf der b-seite hören wir dann kotelett & zadak mit capriccio, welches so kühl und nüchtern daher kommt. hier wird einmal mehr minimal gegrooved und mit einer homöopathischen dosis an sounds die besten gefühle vermittelt. breger, der einzige „nicht-berliner“ auf dieser ep und beatplantation apostel aus dem ruhrpot schließt die ep mit „grain ball“ ab und zeigt, wo lang und wie schell der hase laufen kann. dubig, frisch und percusiv rollte er das feld von hinten auf. im ganzen eine sehr bunte und lebendige ep, die aus allen richtungen den wind blasen lässt. mögen die, die darauf tanzen sich keinen zug holen.
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.07.08
2001 classic!! includes mixes by a touch of glass, waldorf and tiras riccione mixes!!
A Touch Of Class
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.07.07
x press 2s ashley beedle with the 4th release on his out hear imprint riot on broadway is a spaced out disco number with some lush keys great horns and some acidic vibes flip over for for 2 deep magic sky mixes by riccioni and glass robot
Out Hear Audio
out of stock
7.69 EUR *
2xcd UK 17.05.17
the jazz -n-groove is a big number in house music circles. brian tappert & marc pomeroys productions are reowned for their soulful heart and exquisite musicmanship.
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
cd FR 30.07.13
fresh bosconi mix-cd!!! incl. rondinion, nicholas, altered natives, san proper & the clover..
in stock
13.99 EUR *
2cd D 14.04.07
er kann einfach alles: modechef karl lagerfeld kreierte nun seine eigne cd-compilation mit seinen lieblingtracks auf 2 cds,die er als >at home< & >fashion show mix< präsentiert!!
Tolerance Films
out of stock
22.99 EUR *
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