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12" Vinyl UK 10.05.19
12 inch handstamped vinyl
Disco Banger
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12" Vinyl UK 15.03.19
support by roman fluegel ! wonky techno banger is combining a demented fairground melody, flappy off beat bassline and manic peak time flavour, its an absolute thumper which has the potential to radically transform your nightlife
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 20.02.17
respected producer and dj red rack em is due to release his new album self portrait this february via his own label bergerac. formed over the course of four years during a transitional period after moving to berlin, self portrait, as the title suggests, is a true reflection of danny berman and his influences.
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 21.12.16
2016 repress ... *in love again* first surfaced as part of red rackems *all i ever wanted ep* in 2010 becoming an underground smash. soulful vocal samples, and beautiful detroit strings work uniquly in the wolf style that we come to expect. the new remix is uptempo, with skippy drums, and a deep warm feel. this tweaked mix is made for underground dancefloors. the b side features a brand new track entitled *latin techno*, which combines filtered chopped up loops layered over huge beats. another successful release for red rackem and a fine return to form for wolf music.
Wolf Music
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12" Vinyl UK 14.12.16
strong contender for dance record of the year- red rack’em’s incredibly wonderful and fantastically wonky, disco banger, was rereleased on classic this year. after a few months of slowly embedding itself in people subconscious, it returns with new mixes. first up in the marvellously talented kink - strahil is no stranger to classic, having made a stamp on the label many years ago with his remix 3rd face. he s gone from strength to strength with his productions which have been accompanied by his glorious live performances. kink goes in, heads down with some proper techno wonk. this is indeed a beast. on the flip luke solomon joins forces with bristol’s very own eats everything and lord leopard, creating a bristol “circle of three.” the luke eats leopard edit adds a slight bit of conformity to the drums and the arrangement, without taking out too much of the wonk but taking it ever so slightly into “house “ territory. overall this is a monstrously wonky package - and just in time for xmas too.
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12" Vinyl D 03.10.16
unlucky 013? ha! this one’s a pearler. multi talented producer red rack’em climbs up the fertile n s y d e spirit tree for this glowing summer release in the form of the ‘nothing without you’ ep. a mutation from the same skunky-soul strain of n s y d e 005 by skymark / lady blacktronika. the title cut is a result of a red rack’em tour through the south pacific, connecting with inkswell and fam. what was meant to be a rack’em / inkswell track instead ended up with australian vocalist, now berlin diamond in the rough: misumami liberally sprinkling her magic throughout. with a proposed subject matter based around missing loved ones while apart, misumami weaves an enchanting story of longing, and matters of the heart, through signature sleek, clever, floor ready rack’em production. flip for ‘love beat’ and here we get red rack’em- the funky technician fanboy, dusty fingered native tongue devotee, and closet jazz dancer. the loose, bumping drum programming and sculpted, cubist jazz sampling (inna heavy mandalorian funk fashion) weld this nocturnal seduction dance together. this is a late night groover, an eyes closed on the dance floor vibration. both sides are modern, vital, considered house music, where the problems of the world dissolve in a heads down- vibes up situation. mastered by pole at scapemastering so you know it’s gonna bang...
Nsyde 013
Nsyde Music
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12" Vinyl UK 03.05.16
support from todd terje, crazy p
from da vaults…nettles is a new series from red rack ems bergerac label which will focus on the more sample based end of things. tracks which have remained secret weapons for many years will finally see the light of day. this first release features music which was played by quite a few heavy hitters but sadly remained lost on the hard drive…until now… ‘bill george starts of as a super funky, cut up electro disco jam which morphs into the mother of all breakdowns before drifting into super deep detroit style house and then peaking back to the original electro funk vibes. a secret weapon for the likes of crazy p (who featured it on their beats in space mix way back in 2010) and one of red rack em most unreleased tracks requested for release , there s going to be quite a few people around the world celebrating bill george finally making it to wax. a 30 second piece of incidental music from a long lost german children s television series is extended into a late night disco jam timm which picked up props from none other than todd terje when danny extended it back in the hot coins edit days of 2007. another lost track which is finally seeing release…. ‘transfer list began life as a hip hop beat which ended up being such an epic opus that the full glory of the track had to be unleashed. once again a cdr classic for a trusted few. a super funky beat evolves into a kind of honky tonk vibe sort of on the kmd tip but with added poppy vocals. made in 2003
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12" Vinyl UK 03.03.16
21.12.2016 repress ... it s been a busy 3 years since danny berman aka red rack em released on his own bergerac imprint. since then he s toured relentlessly, released a whole album of live music based disco/punk funk for sonar kollektiv as hot coins, managed to completely update his biggest track in love again to make it a hit the second time around plus released spaced out, wonky party smashers on wolf music, phonica, city fly and telefonplan. while all this was going on bergerac was largely on ice but now berman is turning his energy back to the label with a vengeance.
dj support: dixon, ame, hunee, detroit swindle, jimpster, inkswel, medlar, mad mats, doc daneeka, kito jempere, ron basejam ...
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.14
red rack em is a name well known to wolf fans as he launched the first wolf white release with his deep house classic in love again. he is a master at reworking dusty grooves into peaking house bangers. that is the best way to describe this ep too. do or die is a straight up peak of the night disco jam. big sample, big bass, big track. ooh ooh ooh leans on the soulful side of his sample selections and its wonky but funky composition never fails to turn heads. the final track live at music hall is straight up deep. so, something for everyone, no messing.
Wolf Music
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12" Vinyl UK 18.06.14
scottish born and currently berlin based dj/producer danny berman (aka red rack em/hot coins) has had a pretty hectic last few years and show no signs of slowing down. following the anthemic releases on wolf music & city fly red. he is now ready for his telefonplan debut.
*i got something* and *make your mind up* are both dark tracks with punchy basslines that hit deeeeep, pitched-down vocals and plenty of bounce to move any crowd. the surprise is *jan 11 hip hop*. get ready for carefully constructed next-level effective drum programming from mr berman, and a perfectly balanced third course!
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12" Vinyl UK 05.07.12
red rackems debut ep for ramp recordings finally available!
chirpsin has had dj support from a variety of people including brackles (who played it 2 weeks in a row on his rinse fm show), sinden and axel boman.
Ramp Records
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12" Vinyl UK 31.05.11
the a side >feel my tears< is a warehouse burner on many levels. perfect for those summer evenings of drug loneliness.
b1 >courting< is a big room post-post-dustep uk garage-house stomper with a very loud snare drum.
the last track on the record how we do is a strange jazz techno house hybrid, taken from the early years album and now available on vinyl due to popular demand.
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12" Vinyl US 11.02.11
limited, 300 pressed… once upon a time in a borough not so far away… endlessly walking the streets, on one of those hot-as-hell summer days in brooklyn nyc. you pause on the corner, to catch your breath, only to have an old box of records catch your eye. your fingers start to gather dust as you rifle though 12s with names like strictly rhythm, nu groove, madhouse, henry street and loop nloop on the labels. as you reach the end of your frenzied search, one unassuming piece of wax, in particular, seems to mysteriously peek your interest… on the corner vol. 1. the debut release for the brooklyn nyc based cortelyou road recordings. this will be first in a series of compilations coming from cortelyou road. leaving no stone unturned in their search for the finest production talent from around the globe
Cortelyou Road Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 22.09.10
bergerac is the new record label set up by uk producer and dj red rack’em (aka danny berman) to showcase the more dancefloor end of his music productions. danny is well known for his wonky disco outings as hot coins on tirk and also his deep as hell beatdown house on untracked. his style of production and djing have recently taken a slightly more banging angle due to the influence of larger scale festival gigs such as glastonbury, snowbombing and the big chill. so it seemed like the perfect time to start a label focussing on house and techno for the more discerning dancefloor. the label artwork will feature bespoke illustrations from german artist silke eiselt of all the houses danny has lived in chronologically. how much more fucking house can you get than that? how i program is a raw, heads down, whacked out banger, which straddles the wafer thin divide between house and techno with aplomb. with a massive loud donking bass noise, seedy late night atmosphere and danny shouting about how he programs his shit - this is some freaky deaky peak time business. next up is bonn, a warm crackly rhodes driven halcyon house moment, which evokes the slightly majestic and nostalgic vibe of people dancing alone together in a hot room at the end of the night. cheering sourced directly from bonn in 1982 mixes with naive keywork and distant female chants the first bergerac ep closes with it happens to us all, which could be an ode to prematurely greying men, the onset of senility or occasional farting in public places. its definitely a prime slice of wrong house with some seriously french hi hats and dubbed out bassline action though. yes, its more syncopated than an exploding castanet factory but thats how we like that kind of funk
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12" Vinyl UK 19.02.10
untracked recordings had a killer year in 2009, and if this is any indication things are only going to get better for the vinyl only label in 2010. release eleven at the label is the incredible new all i ever wanted ep from rising star red rack em. the title track is straight beatdown, theo parrish esque stabs and rumbling sub bass underpin a low slung heavyweight, for the true underground connoisseurs. the track, however, thats had everyone freaking out is in love again. serious support from gilles peterson, and endless inquiries as to its release date has ensured this record won’t be around for long. deep warm pads, an emotive vocal and beautiful detroit strings bring this straight to the heart of the matter. 300 copies only on 180 gram vinyl.
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12" Vinyl UK 05.02.10
red rackem aka danny berman aka hot coins with 3 killer downtempo deep house bullets from detroits undertones label an offshoot of kolour recordings.
dj support from gilles peterson, carl craig, rob da bank, idjut boys, jazztronik, domu, surgeon, prins thomas, kode 9, yam who, unabombers, ross allen, nextmen, mary anne hobbes, chris duckenfield, soul mekanik, todd terje, diesel, bill brewster
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12" Vinyl US 16.09.09
autodiscotheque return with a mighty release by one of their favourite maverick producers and djs danny berman. with releases on tirk, untracked, deep freeze and society, danny has made a big impression with his mixed up approach to production and djing. from the wonky house of the hot coins material released on tirk, to the more classically detroit outings under his red rackem moniker, danny is a music lover with an ear for the not so obvious and the left of centre musical territory.on this release which features both his musical personas simultaneously, the idea was to truly represent the difference between the red rackem and hot coins sounds on a single release, and to recreate an intense peak time feeling, but to do it from these two completely different for me is detroit inspired heads down, cut up motown soul business, which pays homage to one of dannys favourite producers moodymann, and fits perfectly into that crossover space between slo-mo house and disco. chinese electro on the flip however, references that authentic early 80s new wave electro sound, and is influenced by yellow magic orchestra and recordings from new wave radio shows like belgiums liaison dangereuses
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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.08
ultraphat deep phunkin space disco groover
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cd UK 12.10.10
the vibe is deep, jazzy, housey, fresh, underground dance music !! nottingham based producer and dj danny berman (aka red rackem/hot coins) has released a lot of high quality dance music in the last 3 years. the man gilles peterson describes as not being able to put a foot wrong has showcased his abundant production and dj skills in some pretty diverse corners. as red rackem, danny has released massive deep house tracks on untracked, deep freeze, hometaping, shift and undertones. hes rocked glastonbury, snowbombing and bestival, headlined a boat party at the garden festival and closed the big chill festival with a legendary monday morning set. he remixed forever in their debt by the revenge and turned it into one of the key deep house tracks of 2009. dannys hot coins disco project has been a similar success with eps on tirk and society being well received and showcasing his unique approach to making disco music. the hot coins remix of stand on the word by the joubert singers was hammered by just about everyone including greg wilson who played it in every set in 2009. with a hot coins album being completed this year and a brand new remix of ron basejam hitting similar heights it looks like the best is yet to come from bermans disco project. so its with this backdrop that bergerac was born. a new outlet for dannys house tracks and album projects. the early years is a mixture of new material and tracks sourced from previous singles. most of the tracks have previously only been available on ultra limited vinyl so this is the first opportunity to own them on a cd or download. the artwork is sourced from dannys parents collection of family photos which act as a metaphor for the early years of his music production. theres also brand new tracks which are only available on the cd and extensive sleeve notes, so its a bit of a collectors item
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12" Vinyl D 16.05.19
a great compilation of music from various western movies.
ZYX 57059-1
Zyx Music
A1: Alfred Newman - How The West Was Won
A2: The Movie Orchestra - Jesse James (Opening Title)
A3: The Movie Chorus - She Wore A Yellow Ribbon / The Girl I Left Behind
A4: Tex Ritter - High Noon: Do Not Forsake Me
A5: The Movie Chorus - The Horse Soldiers (I Left My Love)
A6: Julie London - Saddle The Wind
A7: The Movie Orchestra / Robert Mitchum- Rachel And The Stranger (Opening Title / O-he-o-hi-o-ho)
B1: Elmer Bernstein & His Orchestra - The Magnificent Seven
B2: The Movie Orchestra - The Big Country (Opening Title)
B3: Frankie Laine - Man Without A Star
B4: Jane Russell - The Tall Men
B5: The Movie Orchestra - Rio Grande (Opening Title)
B6: The Movie Orchestra - Rio Grande (Dixie)
B7: The Movie Orchestra - Rawhide (Opening Title)
B8: Marilyn Monroe - River Of No Return (One Silver Dollar)
B9: Marilyn Monroe - River Of No Return (River Of No Return)
B10: The Movie Orchestra - My Darling Clementine (Oh My Darling Clememntine)
B11: The Movie Chorus - The Man From Laramie
B12: Burl Ives - Station West (The Sun Shining Warm)
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coloured 12" Vinyl NL 10.05.19
pressing on transparent red vinyl.
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2x12" Vinyl D 15.04.19
2lp + book
ZYX 21112-1D
Zyx Music
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12" Vinyl UK 19.02.18
for his last dance with lolea blutch sets our soul on fire. showing a new side of himself with 3 bangers rounded off with a remix by red rack em, author of the aptly named hit, -wonky bassline disco banger-. as complex as his previous releases, this ep draws on the influences of hip hop, house and soul for a more powerful and electronic effect .... that ll blow your socks o
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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.18
inspired by the early industrial pioneers, dead crooners and the unrelenting speed of change, uncanny valley combine homemade metallic resonators, pound-shop contact mics and sellotape synthesisers, with human error for unusual effect. remixes come from the fantastic manfredas and mondowski.
SC&P 004
Snap Crackle & Pop
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12" Vinyl UK 27.12.17
nice price deal !!! new years deal - what more can be said about 2016 for red rack em apart from massive? in march, he released the instant classic wonky bassline disco banger which has been one of the biggest selling house tracks of the year, picking up praise and plays across the board from moodymann, the black madonna and mcde right through to disclosure and mark ronson.
tomato pope is a slamming party banger. somewhere between house, techno, african music and broken beat, the drums are driving, the bassline is huge and the vocal samples get mangled throughout the track. it s another guaranteed floor wrecker from red rack em and gives a tantalising taste of the lp weight to follow.
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12" Vinyl UK 18.12.17
danny berman aka red rack em is back with 2 more burners on his much loved bergerac label. after slaying everyone last year with wonky bassline disco banger and this years hotly tipped self portrait lp he s got his sights set firmly on the dancefloor once more. 2017 has been a vintage year for the berlin based dj producer with radio 1 mixes, serious air miles, remixes for tensnake, tinie tempah, shows for rinse and after a hectic summer, it s time to focus on his own productions and get back to what he does best. making slamming house cuts designed for maximum floor damage. place for me (version) is a cut up, pumping, soulful disco house slammer. originally released in 2009, it s been updated and remastered and is another great example of red rack ems ability to chop up vocal samples and make something fresh from them. guaranteed club wrecker, which served as a pre-cursor to wbdb and thus needs to be out there once more. exhalt is a super deep, spiritual house number with vibes galore. deep pads and crisp beats combine with deep bass in an ecstacy tinged, euphoric disco number. one for the heads…
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12" Vinyl D 21.08.17
after the huge success of their first collaboration, doorly and el prevost are back for part two: this time the world touring doorly serves up a hot original that gets remixed by red rack‘em and el prevost, while el prevost also serves up an original of his own, all on his own no speakers label. the first ep, featuring a lee foss remix, got support form the likes of paco osuna, solomun and groove armada and this second instalment is set to be just as big this summer. doorly is a dance heavyweight who headlines clubs like space ibiza on his global travels, releases on cajual, hot creations and dirtybird and is no stranger to hitting high places in the charts with his big and infectious sounds. as a dj he is energetic and can make a mark on any dance floor, and so will this new tune, ’sonder.’ it is six superbly deep and atmospheric minutes of warm, rolling drums and searching synths that bring an intergalactic feel next to twinkling keys. jostling percussion brings a little loose funk and the whole thing is sure to lock in dance floors. el prevost then steps up to remix after 15 years of putting out killer cuts on labels like third ear. his music has made its way into the record bags of tastemakers like steve bug, dj hell and steffi and this excellent remix shows off his singular style again. it is a little tougher and more energetic than the original, with sprinkled hits, rumbling bass and pixelated synth lines dancing about up top. then comes red rack‘em, the bergerac boss who had a huge hit with ‘wonky disco bassline banger’ last year. it was one of the tracks of the year and has been followed by an equally brilliant album by this esteemed house veteran. his remix here is big, bouncy and off kilter thanks to its coarse hi hats and punchy rubber drums. great vocal treatment adds more wonkiness and broad synth strokes flesh things out into another sure-fire party starter that sounds like little else. last but not least, el prevost offers up a solitary state mix of his own ‘temper mental’. it’s a hugely inventive track with great synth modulations burrowing deep into your brain as dancing hi hats and whirring bass encourage you to cut loose and shift freaky shapes. this is a strong ep that really packs a punch across four standout tracks.
No Speakers
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 07.03.17
perth, capital of western australia, sits where the swan river meets the southwest coast. sandy beaches line its suburbs giving purpose to hot summer days, but after sundown, the city is where its at if you know where to look. its possible that this double-life is what inspired the deep, melodic, futuristic sounds of one of australia s most mysterious electronic dance music labels of the 90s - red ember records.
Red Ember
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12" Vinyl D 01.08.16
straight after his contribution to the splendid delusions of grandeur compilation and collaboration with sebastien vorhaus aka soul of hex as well as his latest eps on the russian capital bass label and swedish brandy ponty mython is back with a full swung ep packed with cosmic deep house tunes. how to get your life together and succeed sets the pace for the record, bringing together a kaleidoscope of sounds in ponty mythons signature style, soul meets dance floor punch.
Dirt Crew
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.08.15
driving forward from the announcement of their forthcoming polyrhythmic lp on sashas last night on earth imprint, kate simko and tevo howard are known for creating out of the box and genre-bending productions. now, the native chicagoans proudly announce their theme track ep, giving music lovers a taste of things to come from the album.
Last Night On Earth
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.04.14
city flys previous release was a feature in every discernible djs set showcasing the mercurial production ingenuity of munich marvel bartellow complete with remixes from the inimitable ugly drums and deep house deity fred p. next up they bring another german-based producer into the mix via scotland and the m1.
City Fly Records
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12" Vinyl UK 24.07.12
square mode come up with >the wheel<, a beautiful piano inspired piece with heavu weight remixes from german legend jack dixon and red rack em.
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 21.03.11
mainakustik is proud to present the next regular release. on the new mainakustik you will find two hot originals from danjel esperanza(a1) & chris köhler(b1) + remixes from soulrack & mikel_e (a2) and sebbo vs agent!(b2). danjel esperanza is running very successfully the labels “meleon music” and “backdoor beauty . his track “mein kleiner cowboy” is a nice tech-house song with organic melodies and superb drumming. its getting a remix from no one else then sm aka soulrack and mikel_e (cray1 labworks). these guys know how to produce a floorbomb. chris köhler is already known in the rhein-main-area as one part of “der eine und der andere” and his own label “one way ticket . his track “abenddämmerung is a cool tool for the morning hours, with nice harmonic guitar chords. it’s remixed by sebbo & agent! which need no further introduction, let the music speak!!! early support: matt star, frank leicher, pascal feos, die haustiere, wjh…
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12" Vinyl UK 26.07.10
the debut release for londons shift music comes courtesy of danny berman aka red rackem, who delivers 2 great cuts rooted in the 3d-triangle - deep, dub & detroit.
Shift Music
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12" Vinyl UK 07.07.10
following his wicked remix of the revenges forever in their debt, home taping welcome back the maverick dj and production talent that is red rack’em. red is the force behind the much loved smugglers inn radio show and has had releases on top imprints like tirk, untracked and deep freeze for which he has received props from the likes of gilles peterson, mr scruff and greg wilson amongst others. in his first outing for the imprint red decides to fuse two very different sides of his musical repertoire. the first cut, pressure is an early 90s inspired banger that draws from his teenage experiences of house music and captures the spirit of those end of festival dj sets when the dance floor is really going off. flipping over to the other side, back home is an expertly crafted slo mo collage of sounds which was written back at his parents home in a scottish fishing village and is all about reds feeling of being at home and sifting through his dads record collection looking for inspiration. also on the flipside, is up and coming japanese producer and red rack em favourite kez yms beautifully deep detroit inspired rework of pressure. put house back into your life and ease the pressure with the sounds of home taping! two top workouts that will rule the floor! press play and feel the rhythms!!
Home Taping Is Killing Music
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12" Vinyl BE 23.04.09
(revenge rmx) reckoned for his output as hot coins on tirk, untracked and society, has been receiving massive support from djs like carl craig and prins thomas. gilles peterson is also a big fan ! take note the house sound of red rackem is here!early plays by gilles peterson, laurent garnier, ashley beedle, chris duckenfield, harri, tensnake, marius vaareid, downtown party network (eskimo), makossa & megablast
Deep Freeze
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 13.02.09
mid 90s techno flavoured long tripping deeper & acidic house tunes
Deephart & Kasino 1
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12" Vinyl US 01.04.05
slamming filtered tech house banger
Asquaredmuzik A2R709
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 04.09.18
limited coloured double vinyl in gatefold sleeve, includes a bonus track. vinyl 1 is solid red, vinyl 2 translucent blue.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 28.99)
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12" Vinyl D 09.04.18
nice price deal !!! the deepsounds imprint sees the continuation of red ember s exposé of global underground music. featuring vinyl debuts in cheslon hunter, rohan golestani and andrej laseech with special guest jason hogans (planet e / moods & grooves). we come together for one unified mission ... the pursuit of underground electronic deepness ... house music and beyond.
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 27.02.18
the label s 50th release brings back ninjahead s 1994 classic -pulseman vs. sineman- by two contemporary versions out of emmanuel top s as well as alex bau s studio.
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 11.12.17
cititrax is excited to present the first in a series of 4 song samplers showcasing the talents of some of the most innovative producers of the moment. cititrax: tracks volume one features amato, an edgy new project brought to you by the hacker, tzusing, a young producer from china known for his hard-hitting l.i.e.s. releases, our beloved berlin based former new yorker an-i, and oliver ho’s stunning broken english club. the overall sound can be described as modern, uncompromising and guttural. each artist reinvents dance music by bringing their own unique vision to the floor. artwork designed by veronica vasicka and sourced from polaroids shot in nyc clubs in the 1980s, cititrax: tracks volume one is pressed on blood red clear vinyl.

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 25.49)
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coloured 12" Vinyl lp D 28.08.17
der legendäre dj, musiker und produzent andrew weatherall adelte die aus newcastle stammende formation warm digits mit den worten: -machine funk kraut-a-delia - it’s rather lovely!- was man darunter verstehen darf? elemente von neu!, kraftwerk, giorgio moroder, my bloody valentine und boards of canada, welche die beiden musiker andrew hodson und steve jefferis mit hilfe von geradliniger percussion, elektronischen basslines, gitarren-riffs im stil von keith levene (the clash) und viel analoger wärme zu einem -krautophonic blizzard-wave- verbinden. das brachte den jungs schon supporttouren mit goblin, modeselektor, esg, st. etienne und dem moon duo ein. für sein drittes album hat das duo seinen sound weiter geschärft: -wireless world- wartet mit einem dutzend knackiger, treibender und melodisch reicher songs auf. zum ersten mal in der bandgeschichte kam es bei den aufnahmen zu kollaborationen mit lieblingssängern und -sängerinnen wie peter brewis (field music), sarah cracknell (saint etienne), devon sproule und mia la metta (beards). das album möchten hodson und jefferis als kommentar zum aktuellen weltgeschehen verstanden wissen, das ihrer ansicht nach auf der kippe zwischen feier und untergang steht.
LP 149701
Memphis Industries
A1: Two To Four Degrees
A2: End Times
A3: Wireless World
A4: Always On
A5: Better Friction
A6: Victims Of Geology
B1: Growth of Raindrops
B2: Deluge And Delusion
B3: Fracking Blackpool
B4: The Rumble And The Tremor
B5: Mute Ocea
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24.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 24.08.17
the debut homemade weapons lp ‘negative space’ is still fresh in peoples playlists after a unanimously acclaimed release, and has gone on to be used as a benchmark for d&b lp’s that exist on the edges of the music’s periphery. combining function and form with equal emphasis, negative space is an lp full of tracks that dj’s play in clubs as opposed to being largely relegated to online mixes. to follow on from the lp, we selected 3 samurai artists to rebuild their favourite tracks from negative space and have combined this with a tidal track vip from homemade weapons made initially for his dj sets. ancestral voices, the untouchables, and sam kdc all turn in unique interpretations.
Samurai Music
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9.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.06.17
nice price deal !!! excellent classic deep nyc styled house, that is true house music
Code Red
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.02.17
green supreme is the fourth studio album from house music veteran phonique: a collection of 11 remarkable songs from one of the scenes most revered producers. to describe phonique as prolific would be something of an understatement. to date, he has amassed a discography of more than 500 original tracks and remixes - as well as three previous studio albums - for acclaimed labels such as dessous, poker flat, crosstown rebels, systematic, souvenir and of course his own label ladies and gentlemen, a collection which includes some runaway successes. despite working on green supreme, phoniques fierce production rate has continued unabated in 2016, with highlights including t groove on katermukke and his stunning remix of frank & friedrich coming home which landed on universal earlier this year. phoniques three previous critically-acclaimed albums attest to his evolving sound and diverse influences, his deep knowledge of house
Ladies & Gentlemen
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19.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl BE 16.11.16
(white vinyl with grey splatter) we are proud to add a new member to the baum family. sascha rydell of fachwerk fame has produced two powerfull tracks for is debut release on baum. a day ward has dubby elements, and a modulating groove perfect for the dancefloor. crack willow is a more deep and atmospheric track close to a deep house vibe, which also gets some dirty raw treatment from resoe on his morning reshape remix.
Baum Records
Last Copy!
8.59 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl US 07.11.16
a special reissue limited triple lp gatefold version of this total classic from carl craig, first released in 1990 on planet e.
PLE 65353-0
Planet E
out of stock
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl CH 11.08.16
nice price deal !!! slamming tribal house
Purple Music Tracks
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 08.07.16
when it arrived on the progressive house scene in 2000, it quickly made the rounds as a tune to be reckoned with. played by nearly everyone in the industry, its haunting vocals and psychedelic synths captured the minds and hearts of ravers worldwide.
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
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