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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: random movement malaky
12" Vinyl NL 06.05.16
fokuz recordings presents: hateful eighty. a 16 track various artist project including remixes by dbridge, zero t, villem and original tracks by random movement, mindmapper & silvahfonk and more.
for part one of the vinyl series ivy lab flips random movement’s “sleazy bitch” that was released early 2015 into an amen driven roller with hoover subs and techy clicks and stabs. on the b side villem reworks malaky’s “falling”. it’s a beautifully restrained deep stepper with a bruiser of a bassline and intricately designed drum work.
Fokuz Recordings
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 27.11.15
after emerging on the scene in 2013 following a string of impressive vinyl cuts by roy green, protone, cutworks and others moscow based drum & bass imprint occulti music returns with another strong release. founded by impish the label has been a steady force pushing forward quality music from artists all over the globe.
the a side effort sees the prolific random movement on remix duties spicing up malaky, satl and skeletones lush sounding *future blues*. signature rm sounds right here with a larger then large second drop that gives the track a similar deepness but groaner feeling then the original. on the flip we continue with a track called *girl*. here we find blendits audio head honcho chris harmonics teaming up with occulti music boss man impish for his debut release. it is a modest but weighty stepper with soulful and techy influences though definitely aimed towards the dancefloor.
as with all occulti music releases the artwork was hand painted by russian artist anna tikhomirova.
Occulti Music
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9.49 EUR *
2xcd NL 10.06.16
fokuz recordings presents: hateful eighty. a various artists project featuring remixes and original tracks celebrating the 80th fokuz recordings release.
Fokuz Recordings
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16.49 EUR *

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