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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: rx-101
2x12" Vinyl UK 12.02.20
stone cold killers from rx-101! the album contains 13 songs, available on 2lp vinyl in a thick-spine jacket + insert
in stock
27.99 EUR *
cd UK Pre sale (16.02.2020)
stone cold killers from rx-101 on cd digipack
9.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 05.04.19
melodic, chilled out techno
in stock
26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 20.12.17
original cover is damaged.
out of stock
13.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
suction records is proud to present the 4th and final volume of rx-101’s “ep” series of vinyl releases, showcasing a selection of standout cuts from dutch producer erik jong’s vast archive of previously-unreleased techno, idm, acid, and electro, recorded to cassette from 1997-1999. roland’s cover-star instruments, the sh-101 and juno-106, play a prominent role in ep 4’s sound - a playful mix of joyous, sometimes haunting synthesizer melodies, and raw, crunchy percussion. from the early-squarepusher melodies of opener themis, to the eerie boards of canada-like nostalgia of transmission, ep 4 delivers 6 tracks of classic late-90s electronix, with rx-101 affirming himself as an unheralded master in the rephlex/warp/skam domain.
out of stock
13.49 EUR *
EP 3
12" Vinyl UK 22.06.17
suction records is excited to unleash the 3rd vinyl ep in our series of archival releases by a rx-101 aka dutch producer erik jong, who recorded hundreds of afx / rephlex-inspired tracks from 1997 to 1999, which remained unreleased until now. continuing with our roland sh-101 themed artwork, rx-101 s -ep3- pairs the 101 with it s acidic little brother, the infamous tb-303. there s been a lot of renewed interest and hype surrounding the revival of acid techno in recent years, but rx-101 s acid offerings are not the slow n slinky variety favoured by most of today s acid revivalists. instead, ep 3 contains 6 tracks of crunchy, blown out, high-octane rave acid. long-time afx/rephlex fans will recognize the sound immediately - the 6 tracks found on ep 3 are eerily reminiscent of those sought-after rephlex classics, the universal indicator series of 12inches - released anonymously by aphex twin and his kosmic kommando on rephlex from 1992-1995..
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
cd UK 11.01.18
suction records is proud to present the 2nd full-length release from rx-101, showcasing a selection of standout cuts from dutch producer erik jong s vast archive of previously-unreleased techno, idm, acid, and electro, recorded to cassette from 1997-1999. as with rx-101 s 2016 debut lp, like yesterday, which was compiled from his 1st two vinyl eps, transmission compiles material from his recent 12-s, ep 3 and ep 4, adding four bonus exclusive tracks. mixing the high-octane, fuzzed out 303 acid techno of ep 3 with the crunchy, melodic electro and idm of ep 4, transmission emerges as a fierce, yet surprisingly cohesive journey into late 90s electronix, and belongs in the collection of any discerning fan of warp records or aphex twin s celebrated 90s catalogs.
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
cd UK 18.04.17
suction records is thrilled to present the debut archival album release by rx-101, a bedroom techno producer from the netherlands, erik jong. -like yesterdays- compiles 10 tracks from rx-101 s first two vinyl-only 12- eps, together with three cd/digital album exclusives. this previously unreleased material dates from 1997-1999, recorded live to cassette in a feverish burst of creativity, utilizing a small arsenal of classic techno instruments. here s rx-101 in his own words: -from childhood i loved dance music. in the 80s one of my older brothers always recorded mixes from the radio and we always listened to that. my other brother and sister took music lessons in electronic organ and when i was about 9 years old i did the same. i quit when i was 14. from childhood i was fascinated by synthesizers. in the late 80s i started more and more listening to dance and house music and it was 1991 when i started listening to techno from labels like underground resistance, transmat, metroplex, +8 records and warp
Suction 035
out of stock
15.95 EUR *
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