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12" Vinyl UK 13.10.17
the life in the black belt academy is a constant fight for freedom. we stand up and stay strong to defend our dreams. we move individually with a common purpose. manuel fischer and prioleau present their experiences from inside the black belt academy. this sounds were created in the mazy space of the academy. join the force.
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10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.01.17
the black belt academy is a place where humans become ozelots and follow their musical destiny. this four tracker by real black belters prioleau and manuel fischer reflects the atmosphere and consciousness within the academy. the sounds are raw, true and eternal. everyone is invited to join.
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12" Vinyl UK 31.07.18
entering the easy jet is the swiss black belt academy from ozelot. zurich is the place, ozelot is the name. we are really happy to introduce the iceman to you. manuel fischer takes the a-side and calls it his own for this time. prioleau and the iceman use the flip side for some weirder and more weed infused tracks. as long as you are happy, you are happy. we are happy. this is just the beginning. keep the fire burning. viva.
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10.69 EUR *

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