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12" Vinyl UK 08.10.19
phunky disco house bomb
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12" Vinyl UK 15.11.17
the power dancers return with their post album 4th installment. this psychedelic post punk inspired escapade sends out love lasers to all those we have loved and lost along the way, most notably the weird and wonderful adam goldstone. two brand new versions previously unavailable on the lp and a magical a capella that will set a mood for the mind ... powerdancers unite.
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12" Vinyl UK 04.07.17
the powerdancers also known as the legion of boogie down have slowly begun to infiltrate the discos firing their brain gun in all different directions. from their opening gambit, the self titled power dance, to the bohannon like groove of muscle groove, to the enticing left field party anthem that is safe and happy place. the lost art of getting down is the main feature. the powerdancers take all that they have learned and invite you to come and have one massive get down, from future funk, to acid house, to disco, the legion of boogie down cover it all with one main message, dance and let go. this is a world where there is nothing but music and dancing. long live the legion of boogie down
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12" Vinyl UK 04.04.17
the legion of boogie down return with episode 3. accompanied with a video , a safe and happy place is one of the signature songs taken from the forthcoming album “the lost art of getting down.” it features the vocal talents of nick maurer and fi mcclusky and follows the theme of taking dance music back to it’s roots, dance music to escape to. a brand new extended version with part 2 on the flip that carries on the chicago journey. come hang with the family at their safe and happy place.
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12" Vinyl UK 20.10.16
the legion of boogie down take their disco torch deeper into the depths of late night discos. restoring their energy with a muscle work out that will leave many a man and woman flexing their arms in time to the muscle groove. think supertramp meets hi nrg think jane fonda in the meat packing district with the foot patrol on each arm. the legion of boogie downs mission is to guide you out of a formulaic world of dance music and bring you well and truly back to a modern day disco dancing moment. long live the legion. flex your arms to the muscle groove.
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.08.16
powerdance is a collective of like minded dance music enthusiasts that joined forces as a sonic dance floor experiment. created by like minded souls, it was formed as a reaction relentless cookie cutter noise that has been dividing the dance floor. a return to the days of love and dancing. a return to months of musician ship and studio work , nurturing and moulding an experience that brought a smile back to the church that is disco. these musicians will remain nameless for now, as power dance dictates the direction and the beginning of a wonderful journey. one for lovers of modern disco that draws on the past from the wag club to studio 54 - from koala bears to will powers and looking forward. just follow the fist. love the legion of boogie down
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.05.16
powerdance is a collective formed by luke solomon and nick maurer formed as a reaction to bland soul less dance music that seems to infiltrating nightclubs the world over. luke and nicks comradely stems back many many years to their association with the classic music company a label formed by derrick carter and luke. nick maurer was one half of the then prolific greens keepers. this ep for optimo trax features the wigged epically funkoid gem mysterious space plane who doesn t like songs about space? on the other side is the modern hyper jacking more fire. alongside these are a reprise of mysterious space plane and a bonus beats of more fire for those djs who like to, are able to get creative with their mixing
OT 021
Optimo Trax
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8.76 EUR *
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