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7" Vinyl UK 06.08.19
jazzy hip-hop from potatohead people & bunnie.
Bastard Jazz
in stock
9.69 EUR *
7" Vinyl US 29.04.19
high quality boogie featuring production by top-shelf duo the potatohead people featuring the pendletons own trailer limon on vocals. sexy, classy, niceness in pure star creature fashion. nicky wisdom laces up a tasty dub journey on the flip so doubles are highly recommended.
Star Creature
Last Copy!
9.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 22.02.19
after the success of their sophmore album nick & astros guide to the galaxy last year, potatohead people are back with a special remix of the first single morning sun off the album (featuring vocalist nanna.b) on the album rom the legendary dj spinna. spinna gives morning sun his signature galactic funk flip, beefing up the drums into a cosmic shuffle, with an analog arpeggiating bassline, lifting strings and synth squelches. also included is the instrumental on the flip. cover art comes from berlin s rahel susskind who revists the guide to the galaxy concept from inside the funky spaceship. blast off!
Bastard Jazz Recordings
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.06.18
comprised of vancouver producers and multi-instrumentalists nick wisdom and astrological, canadian duo potatohead people boast a number of noteworthy accolades thanks to a their signature sound drawing influences from 90 s boom-bap, future soul, classic jazz, deep house and boogie/funk. beginning with a series of ep s, including their landmark -kosmichemusik- ep, potatohead people s productions quickly made their way to artists like illa j who tapped the duo to produce his now critically acclaimed self-titled album, as well as producers like kaytranada (who co-produced illa j s -strippers- with the pair). supporters such as soulection, nightmares on wax, pomo, dj spinna, big boi, and phife dawg have also played formidable roles in championing the sound of potatohead people worldwide.
Bastard Jazz
Last Copy!
22.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.04.15
working on opposite sides of the landmass we call canada, vancouver/montreal duo potatohead people (producers nick wisdom & astrological) have been making waves for quite some time with their signature jazzy boom-bap meets boogie inside the bassbin vibes. called a -formidable tandem- by okayplayer, their sounds have been championed early on by the likes of kaytranada, soulection, nightmares on wax, pomo, exmag, big boi, and phife dawg. after a few early releases on vancouver based netlabel jellyfish recordings, brooklyn s bastard jazz reissued their 2012 landmark kosmichemusik ep and pressed a 7inch released on valentine s day 2013. the association landed their song back to my sht (featuring frank nitty of frank n dank) on a powerade produced lebron james documentary and nick and astro began working on a debut lp for bastard jazz, presented here.
Bastard Jazz
out of stock
16.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.06.16
last autumn the long-awaited debut “colour” by pete josef saw its release on sonar kollektiv. now the first 12 inch with four fantastic remixes arrives.
Sonar Kollektiv
in stock
11.99 EUR *

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