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12" Vinyl US 18.06.19
file under hip hop / future beats
Allo Floride Artists Services
A1: Frequency Guide
A2: Just Like a Melody
A3: In Every Way
A4: A Brand New Day (feat. ASM, Balkan Bump)
A5: Can't Love You More
A6: Walking Through a Sunlit Forest
A7: Solace
B1: Lessons About Life
B2: Ghetto Child (feat. Awon, EME)
B3: Darts Is Not a Sport
B4: When It's Gone
B5: No Need to Worry
B6: Melatonin
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21.25 EUR *
7" Vinyl US 10.04.17
crucial heavyweights poldoore and emapea each take on a side of this cold busted 7“ single, the latest in a bi-monthly series of dub / reggae cuts exhumed from the label’s golden vault. belgium’s poldoore commandeers the a-side with an instrumental version of ”this road“, a track originally found on his acclaimed 2016 album the day after. stirringly dubwise, the cut is wet with atmosphere and the ping of spring reverb, as a tuneful horn section carries the main melody. flip the wax for accomplished polish beat-maker emapea and his delightfully skankin’ ”rudeboy“. previously appearing on the in dub 3 compilation, ”rudeboy” showcases emapea’s knack for combining samples from multiple genres into one cohesive, steamy gumbo. with either track, b-boys and natty dreads alike will give the dance floor a serious workout as the needle meets the vinyl.
Cold Busted
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11.95 EUR *
7" Vinyl US 30.08.16
Cold Busted
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12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp US 06.06.16
belgian producer poldoore (born tom schillebeeckx) has revealed the day after, handily providing a sequel to his well-received previous album on cold busted, the day off. within its eleven distinctive tracks poldoore has further developed his vibe-rich sound, creating deft blends of funk, soul, lounge, and reggae topped with punchy drum breaks.
Cold Busted
out of stock
23.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp US 19.12.16
the big 20 is here. 26 tracks from 26 different artists. we’ve been releasing this free series since march 2010. each compilation is handpicked featuring tracks from forthcoming releases. limited to 250 numbered copies on translucent, multi-colour splattered vinyl.
Cold Busted
out of stock
29.50 EUR *
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