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12" Vinyl UK 04.01.19
... melodic drum and bass
Integral Records
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.12.17
black vinyl, white sleeve.
Lunar Records
out of stock
7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.02.17
Horizons Music
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.02.17
the first metalheadz release of 2017 comes courtesy of phil tangent and penny giles and we’re very excited to welcome them into the metalheadz camp.
the two tracks are perfect for headz platinum as they fuse the rough with the smooth, something the sister label has become known for the course of its history. we have deep basslines playing set against subtle rave stabs and break edits on the solo effort from phil tangent, whilst on the collab from phil tangent & pennygiles things go deeper with the atmospheres and effects.
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.08.15
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.07.14
introducing the integral select lp – the highly anticipated, long-awaited compilation album from integral records set to catapult the well-respected label back to the forefront. set up in 2007 by influential, legends in the game, glenn herweijer and zula warner aka artificial intelligence, the 25-strong discography represents all styles of drum & bass music with that extra edge and a quality that resonates with the passionate pair. may 2014 sees the new album schedule kick off in style with a sampler 12 inch release featuring their own re-work of one of integrals all-time classics – lenzmans *ever so slightly*. on the flip, the label welcomes uk soldier of the deep, phil tangent to the camp, with the supersmooth but deadly *clouded judgement*.
Integral Records
out of stock
9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.12.13
here at im:ltd, some of us are helpless romantics, and some of us are cold hearted badboys - but whenever youre feeling the pain of a break-up, were always there to pick-up the pieces and burn your exs stuff.
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.10.13
andrey terekhov is known to the world as eastcolors, and is known for his wide-scale, expansive sound on releases for labels such as critical, samurai and hospital. now, it is demand records who take up the talented young russians work, the swiss imprint is respected the world over for its strength of roster, quality of releases and forward-thinking vision. the perfect combination of artist and label, then, for the issue of the light ep. the original is straight up classic eastcolors, with ranging depth, soulful vocals and urgent, percussive beats. the flow is augmented with some flashing electronics, smooth delivery and top drawer arrangement and production. truly a gifted musician, if you have slept on eastcolors up to now, it is time to wake up.
Demand Records
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.05.13
im:ltd, the label with more treats in his pockets than your sugar daddy, is back once again to unleash the latest efforts from ukrainian producer hibea white owl.filled with with bass frequencies lower than a strippers self esteem, fierce percussions and jungle-like wild breaks and backed up with some heavy duty remix works from rising sex symbols phil tangent and fade, that 4 track collection is a definitive must have for any lewd dnb fan.when these drop, owls wont be the only birds whose heads are spinning!
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 10.04.13
brand new phil tangent 12 inch on commercial suicide. pressing on grey marbled vinyl.
Commercial Suicide
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 18.12.12
marcus intalexs favourite new artist of recent times, phil tangent, returns to soul:r this month with his second single >squaring the circle / restitution<. his debut, >billies smile / lunar<, proved a discerning and unique musicality to tangents sound and demonstrated a level of musical depth, which is com- fortably at home in the soul:r camp. soulr59 will solidify the deserved recognition for phil tangents sound.
out of stock
9.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 17.10.12
limited edition hand stamped solid white vinyl. the first single from the way of the samurai 2 >code of honour< compilation comes from two artists that represent the cross section of the samurai music sound perfectly. long time samurai family member klute adds his deft, distinctive touch on a remix of tokyo prose & phil tangents >parity<. a firm favourite for every dj lucky to get their hands on it, and one that draws the attention of every lady in the nearby vicinity. a future klute classic! clarity represents the new breed of producer and dynamic, and is someone samurai music will be working closely with in the future. >cold blank< is a surefire dance-floor weapon which has been used constantly by the likes of doc scott, dbridge, loxy and many more, but those 3 names are enough to signify the potency of this bullet. >code of honour< is released on 15.10.2012. 5 carefully selected 12 inch samplers from the album will also be released in the month of october.
Samurai Music
out of stock
10.39 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl UK 07.12.11
coloured vinyl: solid dark green and white mixed. after tokyo prose successful entrance onto the scene with their introducing series creativity began to flow. a series of collaborations with numerous producers began and it was inevitable some of these would bare great results. phil tangent had one of the singles of 2010 for marcus intalex soul:r label and was a perfect creative partner for the ideas charged tokyo prose. >parity< marries the pairs styles perfectly, with a euphoric vocal tempered by subtle gliding beats and bass. >rearview< is a sign of what drum and bass is missing in 2011. smooth, deep and soulful music that reminds us again how powerfully emotive the genre can be.
dj support from marcus intalex, dj marky, spectrasoul, presha and more to come..
Samurai Red Seal
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.07.10
a soul:r classic by phil tangent. >billies smile< is a absolute anthem! sweeping strings rise over a mysterious female vocal enveloping your consciousness as super tight beats rain down. showing d&b can be emotive and inspiring whilst remaining powerful enough for the dancefloor. >lunar< on the flip roams with a detroit techno and funk backbone keep the groove driving to end. surreal sonics evolve as a wall shaking bass line contorts the sub frequencies. a classic 12 inch not to be missed.
dj support from marcus intalex, doc scott, bailey, hype, dj lee.
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 19.01.18
* 2017 year marks ten years of integral records and looking back upon the label’s incredible back catalogue, what a decade it has been for drum & bass music that we hold so close. * initially set up as a passion project and a platform for showcasing future talent, the label has been consistently releasing cutting edge drum and bass since 2007. the ethos of the label has always been about quality control and finding those special vibes that no question capture heart and soul. honing their unique musical language, selections are carefully handpicked by head honchos artificial intelligence and more recently in collaboration with label manager emma g that fit with the forward thinking, original spirit we know as integral. * now 40-odd releases deep and renowned for breaking some of the most exciting artists on the roster today, the label also boasts signature classics from some of the scenes most prolific residents. names include the likes of lenzman, lomax (one half of loadstar), alix perez, calibre, system, zero t, technicolour & komatic (technimatic), lsb, steo, dawn wall, mohican sun, phil tangent, satl and just recently, a.i. themselves. * celebrating the seminal journey thus far, a double album will mark this very special occasion. part one will showcase a selection of the finest from over the years in a chronological journey of the label’s sound (for digitial release.) a second curation will simultaneously launch across all formats of entirely new and most exclusive material to date, from residents a.i., lenzman, mohican sun, satl, phil:osophy, scar, zero t, drs and more.
Integral Records
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 18.11.16
in this day and age vinyl releases are getting rare in drum & bass but still we at demand cherish them. requisites our brand new 6 part 33 rpm series is an ode to the vinyl culture. every release symbolizes one particular requisite that you’d evidently need to rock the so called black gold. here served by, what else could it be, a butler we start of with the headphones...
musically that includes the ever magnificent phil tangent who contributes misgivings, a roller that effortlessly switches from euphoria to dark tones. the legend big bud in collaboration with austria’s finest roygreen, protone & dual on gospodi. a smooth liquid outing that we just fell in love. the ever surprising eastcolors with naked skin that brings in low slung tempo with the vocal wonder tiiu and last but not least demand’s own nurtured talent phase who rounds of the first part with abundance. as the name suggests it is absolutely rich in form of vibes!
the statement that is pressed on the vinyl label couldn’t be more clear... “listen to it” and we’re sure you’ll fall in love.
Demand Records
out of stock
9.69 EUR *
cd UK 17.06.14
hot d&b compilation incl. remixes by calibre, alix perez, technimatic and more
Last Copy!
11.95 EUR *
cd UK 22.10.12
hot dubstep-stuff by samurai music group!
Red Seal Samurai
out of stock
14.99 EUR *

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