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cd D 14.11.18
dear human survivors,  while the story of grounded in humanity is coming closer to its glorious end - there will be 3 more releases before the final showdown of humanity vs. human clones - the birth of our spin-off label human insurgents is taking shape. the first chapter, a 11-track album, is written and told by phat lord - who is also known as leader of the human resistance, trying to put an end to the brutal regency of the clones. phat lord is a true legend of the underground and his origin and location are totally unknown, even for the largest part of the resistance. some say he may even be a clone himself…. the album is a sonic trip through various mental states and dystopic landscapes. it is a result of 8 years moving below the surface and often in the dark, to avoid discovery. he worked with simple, analog methods, focusing on the true essence of sound. we recommend a setting that allows for deep listening and proper bass support. 
Human Insurgents
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12" Vinyl UK 06.06.16
lyssna records is a newly formed label out of stockholm overseen by adam stromstedt, flord king and mohammed al harbiti. two of the founding members, adam and flord, join forces to create a deep, jazzy and delicately put together debut. a1 shakshuka is a track driven by jazzy percussion and soothing chords on top and a slightly off kilter bass groove. a2 det eviga mysteriet straight away hits you with a more hip hop and soul inspired touch with well thought out vocal samples on top of a bouncy beat. flip side starts off with foul a slow pulsating track that is perfect for those late night shifts on the dance floor. finishing off the ep we have mr. tophat s rendition of shakshuka, weird and delightful at the same time, just like a mr. tophat remix should be, blu
LYR 001
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9.99 EUR *

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