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12" Vinyl UK 29.07.16
peter michael hamel emerged from the 70s krautrock scene dreaming of “the blue flower growing between the milestones on the road to a future world-music”. a truly visionary artist who worked and studied with john cage, morton feldman and terry riley, his 1980 colours of time lp - an epic, sprawling, 22-minute saga - was hailed by the guardian’s rob fitzpatrick as “an absolute masterpiece of skull-bursting, synth-led ambient minimalism”. thirty six years on, astral industries reinterpret hamel s original vision with remixes from two contemporary heavyweights - wolfgang voigt and rod modell (aka deepchord). each expansive interpretation invites you to step outside of reality and into an alternative imagination of hamel s future world, spiralling into the colours and slowly out of time itself. original artwork by theo ellsworth and a massive thanks to peter michael hamel & eckart rahn.
Astral Industries
out of stock
24.99 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl lp box US 15.12.16
after three years in the making, the followup to light in the attic’s game-changing i am the center box set is finally here. the microcosm: visionary music of continental europe, 1970-1986 is the first major overview of key works from cosmically-taped in artists needing little introduction — vangelis, ash ra tempel, and popol vuh — and unknown masterpieces by criminally overlooked heroes like bernard xolotl, robert julian horky and enno velthuys.
Light In The Attic
out of stock
63.89 EUR *

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