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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: pet soul boys aka alessio mereu + coyu
12" Vinyl D 11.05.10
big with karotte, len faki, paco osuna, gregor tresher, hugo, laurent garnier and many more! amam is the new label from bright young italian producer alessio mereu, who has already made a name for himself releasing on labels like contexterrior, cmyk and toys for boys. while amams first release found alessio going solo, this time hes half the duo of pet soul boys alongside barcelona-based coyu -- you might have heard his productions and remixes that have appeared on diynamic, 2020 vision, liebe detail and saved. the debut psb single from earlier this year, >calypso soul< on hypnotone, was played by the likes of paul woolford, nick curly and italoboyz. not so bad for a couple of guys in their early 20s!
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