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12 Inch 15.05.23
played by sven väth, ricardo villalobos, ellen allien, andré galluzzi
Kriemhilds Nachtkuss
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14.28 EUR *
12" 26.06.17
paul brcic (aka brtschitsch) hat sich mit seinen produktionen ziemlich rar gemacht und das ist auch gut so! denn umso fokussierter arbeitet er an den wenigen veröffentlichungen, die unter seinem namen noch erscheinen. die reflektion ep auf kriemhilds nachtkuss ist seit längerer pause eine ep, die den sinn hinter dem credo des gezielten produzierens beweist. detailverliebter brschitsch sound irgendwo zwischen house und techno, dort wo brtschitsch 1994 begann sich auf den weg unzähliger soundreisen zu begeben.
Kriemhilds Nachtkuss
in stock
7.36 EUR *
12 Inch 23.05.13
phreaky detroit infected minimal tech funker
out of stock
7.78 EUR *
10 Inch 26.07.12
with the first single release of beijing rock, paul brcic (paul brtschitsch) brings a driving yet emotional production into the world of electronic sounds. an unmistakable, pulsating beat reminiscent of detroit-techno, smooth percussion, and a catchy bass line make up the songs foundation, immediately casting a bewitching spell and leaving no room for detours. carefully arranged samples from the 40s mould the centrepiece of the club bangers and move in perfect harmony with the full synth and fx sounds. without a doubt, paul brcic sets off a multifaceted sound explosion with a first look at the album beijing rock, scheduled for release in autumn 2012, always keeping one eye on production-technical details and the other on organic sound. beijing rock immediately invades the senses from the first measure, taking you along a journey outside of the clubs of this world and catapulting you just as quickly back to the sweat-inducing, wild nights. absolutely magnificent - paul brcic in his purest form. the b-side acid & camambert clatters as if on rails through the fields of sound and sets off one adrenaline rush after another with its clear basslines and consistently rising networks of beats. exquisite superstructures and effect dramaturgy breathe life into acid & camambert with an unbelievable energy and nearly acidic characteristics.
out of stock
6.55 EUR *

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