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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: patrick pulsinger / m.r.e.u.x
12" Vinyl UK 26.07.18
long time friends (since flex vienna 95) patrick and luke joined forces on blumoog music and came up with this crafty and dynamic four tracker ep. patrick pulsinger opens the project on the a with two ingenious and uplifting tracks reminiscent of his old ‘sluts’n’strings &909’ days with an acidic twist. 25 years have gone by since patrick pulsinger made history and put vienna on the map by founding techno avant-garde label cheap records and with productions like ‘dogmatic sequences’ on disko b and pioneering sequential- minimal-techno soon after with the huge lp ‘porno’ also on disko b. on the flip side luke m.r.e.u.x is consistent with his fine style. dry percussions and rubbery bass in b1 ‘cerebral fix’. a darker approach in confession b2 with a relentless 5 minutes of techno trip that will not let you catch breath.
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