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12" Vinyl D 25.01.16
cyrk is a live show and studio duo that now starts life as an exciting new label in the hands of two berlin based producers sierra sam and pascal hetzel. they have both been playing all around the planet as a live act and dj pair for some time, and now mark their first collaborations in the studio with an excellent inaugural release on their own new label. bolstering the brilliant ep is a remix from the legendary rolando.
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.02.15
after releasing three eps in 2014 to great feedbacks such as standing up house music label, this january 2015 sound of vast is about to hit its 4th release with an even greater selection and range of house music. this new ep has a very unique sound, which is the result of sierra sam and pascal hetzel - two of berlins most talented music producers - collaborating to make something a bit different from their usual style. they wanted to make something dirty but organic.
Sound Of Vast
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12" Vinyl D 20.08.13
one wants to collect beautiful things. this is also the case with the pascal hetzel remix of kink & sierra sam my space feat. hollis p monroe & overnite. you wont get that one digitally, not on tape, dvd or on blue ray. up for grabs till the stock is gone... 200 times on vinylcatalogue number uy70x on upon you
Upon You

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Vinyl (EUR 7.99)
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12" Vinyl D 02.11.15
its time for an overdue reunion as a long time friend makes a return to the family with a new vinyl exclusive single these days. and of course were talking about the belgium-born sammy goossens, better known as sierra sam to all lovers of quality techhouse beyond, who is about to release his remember me 12 on our vinyl only offshoot uyx series in fall 2k15.
Upon You
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8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 10.02.16
the cyovac machine is held together by a team of like minded artists that work to move production forward. cryovac functions to preserve the soundcraft of thees artists into the vinyl format. cryovac vinyl is pressed by a.garcia at archer record press in detroit. the cryovac operates to push music that represents the soul of its maker. sierra sam and pascal hetzel bring the smooth techno feel of berlin and an analog savvy to fist side of cryovac #14. they combine for two minimal machine soul bangers that zone your mind and move your body. spam burrito is the creation of a.garcia and kieth kemp. this combination rocks out choice wavs that have been tweeked to perfection under the rising and falling of effects. dave powers choses the low key emotional path of ever an evolving synth moving an intelligent knock. the 14th edition of cryovac is a must hear.
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cd D 03.12.13
the diary, an upon you compilation, is the third of its kind and presented as a retrospective. featured are a collective of ancestral artists like marco resmann, onno, magit cacoon or gunnar stiller, as well as external ones like chris wood & meat, alland byallo, canson, skinnerbox, madmotormiquel und ante perry. compiled by the cheapers who gave their track memories for this project which is also the name giving track of the cd.
Upon You
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15.99 EUR *

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