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12 Inch 16.04.18
groove odyssey records are truly excited to release the debut album from our very own paris cesvette entitled celestial (my journey among stars). paris cesvette’s celestial (my journey among stars) is the audio memoirs of a producer and musician that from the very start has always been amongst great musical company. a creative soul, born into a home where music was the currency, her inquisitive nature and desire for knowledge had her studying her father’s record collection, embracing her mother’s passion for music and then, what happened after that, is what we hear today. her vision of combining the sounds she lived for, with the music inside of her is finally represented in one physical work. each song on celestial reflects a moment in paris’ journey and every artist sings each song with a greater purpose. on listening you will realise that every song was tailor-made for each star. paris believes that you get an artist at their best when you let them be the true artist they are. “my role as the producer and the visionary is that it’s my job to make their sound become our sound and among all of us we are like stars in a constellation, together we make one and that s what makes this celestial, my journey among stars complete.”
Groove Odyssey
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2xCD 26.06.17
our first go ibiza compilation has been compiled by bobby & steve and michael hughes and mixed by our very own bobby & steve. it features 28 amazing tracks and is modelled around the launch of our groove odyssey presents go ibiza four day weekender, which took place from the 19th-22nd of may 2017 at the beach star hotel, san antonio bay, ibiza. with over 40 artists from around the globe coming together on the magical island of ibiza, it was a memorable affair and many of the guests now feature on the album.
Groove Odyssey
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