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12" Vinyl D Pre sale
having produced a wealth of some of the most lovingly referential and consistent music of recent times. the tracks making up palta og ti på den tolvte Ø are slightly harder to pin down to exact genre markers. each song is busy yet never overcrowded with elements. building concise and playful grooves which if forced we would say positions them somewhere in the ambient space between jazzy-improv-house and dubby. hypnotic electronics. that s as absolute in adjectives as we would ever care to be... expertly crafted both technically and musically. we are more than excited to be able to present this to you as our fifth installment.
12th Isle
12.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.11.17
with his debut mat release entitled universel. palta almost paints with sound. working a defined palette with subtlety and clarity of vision. we are taken to places that are alien yet somehow familiar a world whose delicate exterior belies a profound depth and power.
Melody as Truth
in stock
15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 17.10.17
first installment on gravity graffiti for the talented brothers central and dj sports as palta & ti with a fresh percussive ambient-house ep floating through a spell of space whales. pure class breeze from aarhus for the djs all around the world.
Gravity Graffiti
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.09.17
we are very excited to welcome rocco & esquivel to cosmica s roster this year. the duo formed by rodrigo desentis (méxico) and eduardo esquivel (uruguay) provide an uptempo gem strictly designed for the dance floor. esquivel is a well know name in the latin american electronic music scene. since he started his residency at the mythical club extasis in montevideo. after 25 years of career and extensively touring through uruguay. brasil and argentina. eduardo has settled in méxico city with residencies in the acclaimed blanco colima and casa disco.
Cosmica Music
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 15.07.16
next up is 2bc007 and this one is a special one. four friends were asked to remix the hoop dreams ep and this is the result 5 hot tracks from aarhus. denmark. keep an eye on these guys. shouts to central. manmade deejay. dj sports. ph1 & palta!
2 Bit Crew Recordings
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
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