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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: pablo bolivar & dactilar
12" Vinyl ES 01.12.15
it was in high school where music joined these two boys. exchanging deep techno and trance cassettes between classes. they grew and decided to study their passion. musical production. pablo & nani share the same style but each one does it differently in their own way. we could define it as deep tech-house. in this first ep they had clear ideas. they wanted to do a vinyl that could be played at the club. either in warm up and peak time. and they have done so. “the people we like” is the favorite of dactilar. modern deep house full of details with a clean groove. “for russia with love”. pablo’s favorite. classic deep techno in honor of all his russian followers. “krampf” is the bad guy of the movie. mental techno for long dj mixes. and “the hum”. dark and powerful from beginning to end. after so many years we are pleased to present pablo bolivar & dactilar together.
Seven Villas
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