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2x12" Vinyl UK 01.10.19
comes with gatefold cover
All Day I Dream
out of stock
24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.11.17
we feel phck’s music has been heading towards us at all day i dream for a while. lee burridge was all about aeris (on connoisseur) and reached out to them to express his love of it. ph and ck (yes, it really is their initials) returned the love of our label and sent some amazing music shortly thereafter.
not aimed at every dj’s dance floor these three tracks mark the beginning of a journey on our imprint for artists we believe in. we hope to release their debut album in 2018. in the meanwhile though as autumn arrives we thought we’d ease you gently towards the shorter nights with three deeper shades of emotive house music. put your headphones on and drift away, make a beautiful mix for your partner or your audience or, for those inline with our sound, play them out loud at your events. we hope you love them as much as we do.
footnote. for less experienced dj’s who like to bang it out. these tracks are amazing to warm up the club with. jus saying ,)
love from cloud headquarters.
All Day I Dream
out of stock
10.69 EUR *
cd D Pre sale
el rey alobar is a compilation crafted with exceptional music and tones of love. nomad sounds blending with the warmth and passion that deep house and electronica have to offer, creating a unique outcome.

also available as:
13.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 04.07.17
all day i dream invites a few new names to the labels summer sampler season. alongside a few familiar ones too like lee burridge and lost desert with their much anticipated ‘absent without thoughts’. gab rhome and superlounge keeping it groovy. new music from new artists include budakid, phck and zone+, each one a unique flavor in dreamland.
All Day I Dream
out of stock
20.49 EUR *
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