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12" Vinyl UK 18.09.18
e-missions co-founder p.leone returns to radio slaves rekids this september with the my lita project backed with remixes from mark broom. originally hailing from new york, p.leone now resides in berlin where he helms his e-missions imprint with releases from himself and co-founder caiazzo, exciting new artists like rush plus and tred, not to mention remixes from young male, spencer parker and lawrence lee. leone has also dropped a variety of releases on rekids and work them records, when not making regular appearances at clubs like tresor. he now returns to radio slaves respected imprint with ‘the my lita project, following up his highly lauded el dorado ep that garnered support from ben sims, jackmaster and spencer parker. my lita kicks things off with classic synths, piercing strings and choppy vocals slices whilst robust drums march forward. meanwhile, tight in the pocket is more dark and menacing in comparison with its syncopated percussion, echoing claps and ethereal atmospherics. on the flip, mark broom drops two different remixes of my lita the first is a robust cut complete with disco elements like funky guitar licks and soulful voice, with the originals stabs shining throughout, whilst the second remix takes a different route with its crunchy snares, moaning murmurs and fuzzy effects.
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12" Vinyl UK 08.06.18
berlin-based american producer p.leone returns to spencer parker s work them records with arguably his biggest offering to date, featuring two standout cuts entitled the el dorado ep . upon being discovered by spencer parker, p.leone dropped his first two releases on work them records in 2016. since then he has continued to rise, launching e-missions alongside caiazzo last year before kickstarting 2018 with a four-track techno release on rekids. he now returns to parker s renowned imprint with arguably his biggest offering to date. with its looping vocals and robust drums, el dorado (bump yo ass off mix) is a monster of a track designed to throw dancefloors into absolute revelry. on the flip, dancing to get you back features crystalline synths, purring bass and a medley of breakbeat percussion. dj support: ben sims i like them amen cut, thx! laurent garnier - good house/brea
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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
new york’s p.leone debuts on rekids special projects with four vinyl-only techno cuts this february. debuting on spencer parker’s work them records in 2016, p.leone has since launched his own imprint entitled e-missions alongside label partner caiazzo. moving to berlin last year, the american producer has quickly earned himself a name within the german capital, making regular appearances at the likes of tresor and ://about blank, and now joining respected berlin-based label rekids as part of their vinyl-only series. metallic echoes, robust kicks and breakbeat percussion lay the foundation for ‘rose petal breaks’, before ‘noon service’ demonstrates crystalline synths and futuristic effects. on the flip, thudding drums and energetic claps form ‘hold me down’ until the ominous ‘sometimes i feel strong’ concludes the package with rattling components and a cacophony of intricacies.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.11.16
south brooklyn s p. leone returns for his second release on spencer parker s work them records with four atmospheric techno cuts this november. earning his stripes in new york and tokyo, p. leone is an established dj however since turning his hand to producing his talents in the studio are indisputable. echoing kicks and piercing stabs form the effervescent 9v9 before a chugging low end works alongside tantalising effects in cold metallic . next up, stability control generates a dusky aesthetic with moody bass throbs and saw like synths until the high-octane apex corners concludes the package with a relentless energy.
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12" Vinyl UK 30.05.16
ew york s p. leone is next up on spencer parker s work them records bringing a trio of hard-hitting cosmic cuts. born and raised in south brooklyn, p. leone cut his teeth djing during a short stint in tokyo as well as his home of new york before dedicating himself to the studio. he now arrives on parker s work them records, beginning his debut three-track release in mesmerising fashion with atria delivering spectral atmospherics and tantalising melodies. sequences of attraction then introduces thunderous kicks and soaring synths until miradouro wraps things up with dusky pads, echoing aesthetics and spellbinding arpeggio
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SO 1992
12" Vinyl UK 17.10.18
dutch duo deep dimension debut on rekids with a stomping vocal cut entitled ‘so 1992’ featuring a collaborative remix from label founder radio slave and rising star p.leone. jeffrey hek & jimmy van de geijn have been actively djing for over two decades. the pair paired up as deep dimension in 2015, combining their talents to form a signature techno sound comprised of deep basslines and powerful kicks. launched earlier this year, their vinyl label named gen x has instantly picked up overwhelming support from the likes of radio slave, tommy four seven, benny rodriguez, kobosil, and many more. they now continue their upward trajectory by arriving on matt edwards’ respected berlin based imprint, rekids. thudding kicks are joined by rising synths as pitched up vocals come into play in ‘so 1992’– the result is a rave inspired techno monster designed to throw crowds into frenzy. on the flip, radio slave pairs up with rekids regular p.leone for a cavernous reimagining complete with rolling percussion, off-beat hats and eerie atmospherics.
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12" Vinyl D 02.10.17
inaugurating the release, the cleverly designed oberservate drives forward with relentless kick drums that merge into self-indulgent pads slowly growing into a stargazing techno tale. p.leones remix sticks to the originals covertness while adding more depth by peeling out the pensive atmosphere as his lead synth gears more empathically towards the dance floor. opening the flip, discrete circuits ambient version of remote conversation in which the monologic acid line encounters blood boiling pads passing through some unknown territory. blind observatoryÆs remix rips out the principal elements from the original in order to create a pulsating ominousness reminiscent of his trademark neo-futuristic journeys that are roaming through cinematic sci-fi realms.
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