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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: owain k presents ktrl
12" 01.06.12
owain k from wales is starting his new deeper techno and hi-tech soul project ktrl on 200 records. title track a1 >colonius< brings together brash filtered rhythms, towering chords, haunting melodies and pumping bass - a jam of epic proportions. followed by the smooth chords of >aufstieg< on a2, this deeply soul fuelled ride sweeps you to the next level. inspired by the classic sounds of lil louis, flipside b1 >bützchen< pays homage to a true school master with its warm embrace and layered melodies. finishing off in style, the old school vibes of b2 >offen< makes way for a slow bass driven groove that builds through dub influenced synth washes and filtered sweeps
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200 Records
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