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12" UK 22.03.18
new vinyl only release from miguel puente on outstrip wax. two originals with remixes from sakro and outstrip. dj support: 2vilas, clara da costa, gel abril, huxley, james dexter, juliche hernandez, katal, miro pajic, moises, nick beringer, rich nxt, sakro, seb zito, sy, two diggers, yaya
Outstrip Wax
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" UK 02.02.18
outstrip are denis borisov & anton severinenko, with their debut ep on dogmatik they deliver 4 subterranean dance floor cuts. their stripped back, bass heavy productions, are guaranteed to rock any dance floor. solid kicks, crisp claps, evocative chords and atmospherics. peak time dubbed out beats, true to the dogmatik sound.
DOG 1216
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10.23 EUR *
12" UK 08.09.17
outstrip wax hits release number three in some style with a split ep featuring fresh tunes from carlos sanchez and juliche hernandez as well as remixes from outstrip and dj honesty. it makes for another tasteful package for the real soul heads out there. vinyl only release. dj support: archie hamilton, gel abril, huxley, janeret, nick beringer, ntfo, sakro, ray okpara, franck roger, reboot, onno, javier carballo and more
Outstrip Wax
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" UK 10.04.17
second release on vinyl only label outstrip wax launched by ukrainian duo outstrip. two originals with remixes from okain and seb zito.
Outstrip Wax
out of stock
8.72 EUR *
12" UK 05.12.16
new vinyl only label outstrip wax launched by ukrainian duo outstrip. two originals with remixes from alex arnout and julien sandre. support: dj honesty, fabe, gel abril, katal, miro pajic, moises, moodymanc, rich nxt, seb zito, two diggers
Outstrip Wax
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" 08.09.16
slivarez outstrip - most techno-ish track with funky & deep elements, rebounding bassline & infectious groove! an hypnotic track that is able to make the audience dance & sweat on every dancefloor. outstrip - slivarez (alex ground remix) very mental piece of music with a fat bassline & a ghost-ish presence of insane hi-hats. a soundtrack for dark(room) after-hours.
Fantastic Friends
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" 03.07.14
outstrip is one of the most successful producers and djs of ukraine, with more than 7 years of dj experience. since 2010, outstrip is creating their own tracks, for labels like inmotion, plastic city, pauls boutique, sintope, highway, pura, jeahmon!, witty tunes.the had considerable success in various charts around the globe. they were featured in playlists of the most influential djs of the world, such as gel abril, gregor tresher, loco dice, marco carola, victor calderone, alex tepper, &me, alex dolby, carlo lio, dj madskillz, michel de hey, santos, yaya, hermanez, paco osuna, butch,, audiojack, laurent garnier. outstrip debut on artreform label with release my time includes two original tracks and great remix from gwen maze
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
3x12" 08.06.16
artreform releases 7, 8 & 12 all bundled up for one special price!
Art Reform
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
3x12" 26.05.15
special triple pack for all you artreform lovers out there - contains three classic releases
arr002: joss & illya - tripping
arr006: joss - mountain castle (benno blome remix)
arr008: outstrip - my time (gwen maze remix)
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
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