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12" Vinyl FR 29.04.19
kreattones is back with this fourth installment, featuring 3 originals from ortella and a remix from souko aka andy book & whitenoise.
Kreattones Records
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12" Vinyl FR 04.04.18
taking advantage of his first japan tour, ortella is back with a strong ep rich in styles. believe is mixing memories and fantasies, each track gives a deeper journey with a panel of emotions and feelings, keeping the french man own solid base with dance-floor oriented drums and enhancing them with some cosmic trippy loops, a very special romantic mood and a drop of acid : the perfect formula for evasion. dancing is great, tripping is better!
Mad Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 04.10.17
first release on his new home mad recordings is by ortella, as an engaged manifesto, music is my shelter is a statement in a pure garage house classic style, 3 versions of the same hit flavored with some mad rhodes by françois a.
ortella, -the king of clubbing in lyon- is back with a new record label, merging all the projects they starts with his partner kaïs in one unique home, mad recordings. the first release on the platform is by the french man himself, served as an engaged manifesto, music is my shelter is a statement for all the house producers around the world, talking about the years of struggle, the faith in the music as an art and the joy to see one day dreams comes true. no surprise about the style, it s a pure garage house ep released in the old style way, with 3 versions of the same hit! original de luxe is a classic extended cut, club friendly, rich of flavor with flying and crying rhodes keyboards by the talented françois a. an anthem that transports you to a time where house music was a religion and clubs were churches. intro de luxe version is a shortened version, perfect to starts a night with the right mood without announcing too much, just enough to warm-up the dance floor with some emotion. dub de luxe is for more modern purists, putting aside for a short period the piano rolls and focusing on what ortella do the best, percussive drums with no compromise, made for releasing the energy level straight from dancers to the floor.
Mad Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 30.05.17
last release on mad in lyon series by the infamous producer himself with four solid tracks to keep pushing on the dance-floor!. vinyl only
Mad in Lyon
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 21.02.17
ortella strikes again... for the 13rd rutilances ep, he produced 4 tracks with his proper style.
always the same recipe, dubby drums, deep chords... music for clubs
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 01.06.16
second opus on mad in lyon by the frenchman himself: 69002 ep comes with the same unique motivation, getting the dance-floor rollin! true to the label motto -from thugs to clubs-, this collection of four seriously groovy tunes will keep the party going on those long sweaty nights. vinyl only
Mad in Lyon
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9.29 EUR *
AFR 05
12" Vinyl FR 01.04.16
a side : klaaar when you hear about klaaar, you’d probably assume it has something to do with samples and colourful grooves. on a side, klaaar, that has featured on all the previous label releases, is playing with funky vocal cuts on « contemplative action », and spoken words on « definition is », with heart warming beats on each track. b side : ortellaknown especially for his prim-and- proper take on dirty deep house with releases on rutilance and his own imprint mad in lyon, ortella have been delivering consistently great levels of house, and strikes once again on the b-side with his very special rough and deep sound signature. track titles « shut up and listen to deep house » and « bigmalyon » says it all. shaped for the floor
Art Feast Records
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9.49 EUR *
69001 (VINYL ONLY)
12" Vinyl FR 29.02.16
vinyl only, after a busy year and two widely acclaimed releases with record label rutilance under his belt, the time is right for the southern based french producer ortella to launch his own eponymous imprint: mad in lyon. 69001 ep - introduced by the producer himself - is the first of a series of releases in the same mood, with some new jersey inspired deep house and straight forward uncompromised groove. it does exactly what it says on the tin: -from thugs to clubs-. watch out people, lyon has never been so hot!
Mad in Lyon
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 11.06.15
there is almost a year that ortella released his first ep on rutilance recordings. the previous release -ruti005- was adored by the label s followers. that s why the french label now offers a logical continuation of the series -mad in lyon-. same atomic recipe. enjoy!
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 20.08.14
this is with ortella an artist straight from the south of france (lyon) that rutilance recordings released his fifth ep. a release with 4 mad traxx including a remix co-produced with dj steaw!
out of stock
9.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 13.05.19
124 recordings pres. true deep and disco house vibes incl. ortella, heat alliance and reece johnson
124R 015
124 Recordings
in stock
20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 05.07.18
here we go again! coming back with a juicy 4 track va from the french team that started their business back in 2016. alva, armless kid, mara lakour & ortella are part of this brand new adventure that you are about to discover. nothing but quality house music provided in this release, we hope you like it as much as we do!
STRCTR Records
Last Copy!
12.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 20.03.17
vinyl only. handstamped limited copies. for this edition, reda dare invite their friends and talented producers okain, ortella, john jastszebski and dj steaw. 4-track ep made of subtle, eclectic and smooth sounds. kicking off, the first tune by okain is a perfect crowd warmer, with a proper deep and harmonious vibe, followed by a more upbeat and pumping one by mad in lyon s ortella. the b-side begins with none other than john jastszebski s unmatchable blend of drum patterns and melodious synths. finally, rutilance s dj steaw closes the ep with a musical gem playable in any circumstance. this limited press record is a one of a kind mixture of groovy, bouncy and chilled beats and is definitely to look out for!
out of stock
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 01.02.17
2017 repress . new vinyl series produced by dj steaw
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.05.16
and imported recordings was born… following 3 years of parisian parties, featuring 20 of the worlds finest djs from right across europe and the u.s, the imported crew finally gave birth to its baby, imported recordings.
Imported Recordings
in stock
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12" Vinyl FR 24.09.15
for the past 6 years art feast share in their parties their passion for house music in lyon, paris and berlin. art feast records is the result of these few years, to highlight their beloved local scene of lyon, and friends met on the road.this is the fourth vinyl release, where afr keeps exploring the wide universe of house music, this time with a deep and groovy touch. 4 tracks by 5 artists from sister cities lyon and leipzig. for this release they team up with the famous leipzig based label kann records.
Art Feast Records
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11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.07.15
deep grooves on the housefloor
Kaese Kool
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9.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl FR 02.04.15
back in force to claim french house, rutilance doubles its efforts with this double pack. all the rutilance french friends reunite to produce 8 house tracks where everyone can find what they are looking for.
out of stock
21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 20.02.15
stompin nyc like house tracks
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
2x cd D 10.01.12
double unmixed cd compilation, containing the best of actual minimal electro house ! research & quality sound are the ingredients of this cd ! cult cd release for djs !!!
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18.99 EUR *
cd US 18.02.09
this is gitty ,chicago -influenced funky house music at its very best!
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12.99 EUR
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