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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: origin one ft. parly b
7" Vinyl UK 20.07.16
limited to 500 copies only. no repress.presenting a fresh signing to the roster, nice up! are thrilled to announce the debut single from nottingham s origin one! centred around the work of one producer, the crew is a fluid collective of mcs, vocalists and musicians, covering a variety of reggae infused genres, from hip hop & soul to dancehall, dub and jungle. coming in heavy with their first release for the label, they ve enlisted the help of one of the uk s finest and most prolific dancehall mcs parly b. having previously worked with heavyweights such as mungo s hifi, the skints and reggae roast, parly brings his trademark toasting to the bubbling dancehall beats of mi bredrin, creating an instant dancefloor killer. as a bonus to the digital package, japan s bim one productions weigh in with a modernistic remix, pushing the track into a more digital direction.
Nice Up
out of stock
10.99 EUR *

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