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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: orchestral manoeuvres in the dark (omd)
3x12" Vinyl D 22.11.19
180gr , black vinyl . incl digital download
A1: Electricity
A2: Red Frame/White Light
A3: Messages
A4: Enola Gay
A5: Souvenir
A6: Joan Of Arc
A7: Maid Of Orleans
B1: Genetic Engineering
B2: Telegraph
B3: Locomotion
B4: Talking Loud & Clear
B5: Tesla Girls
B6: Never Turn Away
B7: So In Love
C1: Secret
C2: La Femme Accident
C3: If You Leave
C4: (Forever) Live & Die
C5: We Love You
C6: Shame
C7: Dreaming
D1: Sailing On The Seven Seas
D2: Pandoras Box (Its A Long, Long Way)
D3: Then You Turn Away
D4: Call My Name
D5: Stand Above Me
D6: Dream Of Me
E1: Everyday
E2: Walking On The Milky Way
E3: Universal
E4: If You Want It
E5: Sister Marie Says
E6: History Of Modern (part 1)
F1: Metroland
F2: Dresden
F3: Night Cafe
F4: Isotype
F5: The Punishment Of Luxury
F6: What Have We Done
F7: Dont Go
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