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12" Vinyl D 07.09.09
zuckerwatte is the second single from oliver koletzkis new album >großstadtmärchen<. and zuckerwatte, which translates as candyfloss is a truly magical tale about love and loss in the big city. the original features juli holzs softly whispering voice that is so very fragile, and so very beautiful. this is a softly grooving electro-pop discovery. but of course this song has also been transformed for the dancefloor on this single that also features two more tracks from olivers album. first up is the remix by david august, one half of the duo august & bachert who delivers a top-notch glitchy tech-house edit that makes great dramaturgical use of the original track. next up is björn störigs vision of zuckerwatte. the drummer of olivers live outfit the koletzkis envisions juli holz perform her sweet and sticky singing over some neo-soul tech-rnb influenced electronica that features a spanish guitar, some great claps and some very nice synthesizers. on the flip there is koletzkis instrumental house-homage kusskompatibel and these habits, on which only seventeen-year-old singer pyur makes her debut. she sings wonderfully harmonic over this down-beat trip-hop groove and it results in a great hit for the late summer. this single is more than a single. its the best thing before the album
Stil Vor Talent
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12" Vinyl D 03.01.11
finally, juli holz is back on stil vor talent. the whispery and enchanting voice of the blonde singer and producer can now be heard again on two new tracks on stil vor talent + oliver koletzki rmx. while her topics are still clearly defined, circling around music, love and life in the big city, her music has become more house-orientated and is even mingling with straight pop music.
Stil vor Talent
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7.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl+mp3 D 24.07.17
the berlin-based techno and house producer and dj oliver koletzki has fully committed himself to his roots for this album. they can be traced back to pop music of the 80ies and 90ies, while his productions still manage to transport the fresh energy of today’s electronic music productions. großstadtmärchen is a perfect example for a producers album: oliver koletzki has created a musically compact long player while working together with many different singers. both established artists like mieze katz from the german electro-pop outfit mia., the hot german pop-rock-singer axel bosse, critically acclaimed indie band kate mosh as well as newcomers such as fran, pyur and juli holz have contributed to the album. the result are ten songs that easily fluctuate between catchy pop tracks, modern house grooves and 80ies synthesizer pop yet still maintaining a very own koletzkieske sound dynamic. großstadtmärchen, which translates as the tale of the big city starts off with this is leisure. famous pop singer mieze katz has put down her sexy voice on a guitar-based song pattern that functions as an ideal introduction into the craziness of the big city tales. after hearing this, the listener is directly fully drawn into this world when hearing juli holzs softly whispering voice singing about the dilemmas of love in the big city on zuckerwatte (single release date: 7.9.09). this is a very fine electro-pop tune. coming up next oliver koletzki and axel bosse board an underground train that takes them around the berlin u-bahn system and back.
Stil Vor Talent

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cd D 28.09.09
excellent oliver koletzki cd album!feat. mieze katz, axel bosse, die raketen, kate mosh,juli holz,fran & pyur
Stil Vor Talent

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Vinyl (EUR 17.39)
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