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12" Vinyl D 27.03.07
german-techno dream team oliver koletzki and florian meindl with a new ep on their collective label flash recordings. >kolibri< is a deeply grooving piece of dreamy minimal electro with melodic and mesmerizing stabs and many trippy effects. on the b-side the humorous title >grandmothers flash< is sure to set the dance floor on fire with its fidgety loop, a typically raving synthie and a murderously deep sub bass. koletzki and meindl stay amused and allow themselves a joke towards the end of the track referencing the 2005 hit mückenschwarm. also on the flip, florian meindl’s >paris< has a thriving organic bassline, some great arpeggios, freaked out melodies and a very strong loop with many hi-hats. supported by chloe, karotte and oxia
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7.39 EUR *
2xcd D 16.10.08
amazing 2 cd set with hot mixes by< oliver koletzki & florian meindl!!!
Stil vor Talent
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19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.12.11
following romantic thrills part 1, the first ep connected to nicone & sascha braemers recent lp of the same name, vinyl lovers are now being treated to romantic thrills part 2, which dazzles with three distinct remixes by stil for talent heavyweights oliver koletzki, florian meindl and dan caster. again, all tracks are geared towards the dance floor as they appropriate those special moments of the originals, while employing them to a diverse range of new contextual frames.
Stil vor Talent
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7.49 EUR *
2xcd D 06.09.11
it might sound like an empty phrase, but when oliver koletzki founded stil vor talent in 2005, he certainly didnt anticipate where his label would be today. now - six years and over sixty releases later - stil vor talent can look back at many magnificent moments in the labels history. originally started to give other musicians the chance to showcase their music, stil vor talent has preserved this very down-to-earth attitude until today and has helped foster the careers of producers such as channel x, niko schwind, juli holz or david august to name just a few. while there have never been any musical or stylistic limitations, an open philosophy dominated by quality and individualism prevails at olivers label, from delicately designed record sleeves to their own fashion line and to music that varies from house to pop to jacking dancefloor cuts. now it is time to congratulate everyone involved and the fans of stil vor talent with a special birthday present: a six-year anniversary compilation that celebrates past, present and future of the label on two cds
Stil vor Talent
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17.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 25.05.10
this 2x12inch of dapayk solo - decade on (2000-2010) combines brand new dapayk tracks, a refreshed classic and four remixes. it comes along with a dapayk poster and a voucher card for a free download of the full length album!!!
Mos Ferry Prod
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15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.02.07
inc. rmx by koletzki & meindl, another big name in 2006 sweden techno land definitely is Özgür can. complex rhythms with spheric overtones is what his definition of techno is all about.. pure club pleasure guaranteed! 84 shots works with a groovy percussion lick and epic bassline atmo – djs should hand out helmets when they put this on! on the flip the new german techno version of bud spencer & terrence hill: oliver koletzki & florian meindl known from releases on cocoon, balkon, stil vor talent or flash turn everything into their trademark sound! fascinating..
Pickadoll PICK0196
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7.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 20.12.06
incl oliver koletzki & florian meindl, basteroid and terence fixmer mixes and a remix by the italian superstar boosta!
Masterhit HIT006
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7.19 EUR *
cd+mp3 D 05.07.19
incl. mp3 download ! incl. tracks by nico schwind, pachanga boys, dapayk & padberk and many more
Stil Vor Talent
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14.99 EUR *
2xcd D 25.05.10
mo’s ferry prod. presents dapayk solo - decade on (2000-2010) - abeautiful 2xcd album with a thick booklet of pictures taken on the roadover the last ten years. on cd#1 he once again masters the balancing actbetween techno, house and a hint of broken beats and combines brand newtracks with refreshed classics. cd#2 contains remixes by dominikeulberg, format:b, oliver koletzki, florian meindl, pan pot, heinrichs &hirtenfellner, exercise one and more.
Mos Ferry Prod
in stock
17.99 EUR *

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