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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.20
incl. kim ann foxman remix
Hot Haus Recs
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12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
pp serie is here to combine music by label artists & friends showcasing a broad spectrum of audio entertainment. “serie a” features: trance inducing collage, pop build up, homage to the almost forgotten communication medium telefon and a heavy acid tool. &#8232,,artists included: tambien, rhode & brown, mr. tophat & obalski
Public Possession
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10.65 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.09.16
catalogue number pp018 has been work in progress for quite a while now. wind-s originally appeared in a slightly different version as part of the soundtrack to one of rohtheaters plays. the track features all the typical obalski elements we have grown so fond of in the past. dreamy pads and odd melodies create the sort of ambient that carries you away somewhere else (bravo!). we decided that it would be interesting to hear other artists take their turn on the material. the japanese duo mascaras (chida & 5ive) transformed wind-s in an atmospheric drum workout. fantastically incorporating the breezy synth elements of the original into their flow of percussion. press play lift off. the b-side gives space to nick höppners epic techno groove. ecstasy evolving progress.
Public Possession
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12" Vinyl D 08.09.15
catalogue number pp011 is another trip sponsored by the obalski music lab. check into the world of el lobo. lean back and meditate over a glass of champagne, get sucked into ambient landscapes only obalski can deliver. the feather of a tropical bird gently lands on a bed of fresh, humid green grass. flip sides, fast a basedrum jumps and punches, soft yet certain it leads the way, getting joined by pleasent company of fairylike synth sounds, every now and then a bumblebee hums. snippet, who s on the phone?
Public Possession
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.05.14
with their fifth offering public possession introduces obalski. he is a long term shareholder of the public possession organisation. his musical portfolio, so far, includes scores for various theater plays as well as sound installations in art gallerys and dj gigs at various binge-drink bars around town, where if youre lucky, he also serves you your favorite beverage. this 6-track debut ep opens up a new chapter in his oeuvre.
Public Possession
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8.39 EUR *
cd D 26.08.19
chill pill will help to get in line with nature and enhance positive feelings through better awareness of ones surroundings. it will improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being. while consuming chill pill a healthy mix of relaxation and hedonism is recommended. made possible with the help of eivissa gardening & recreation center
Public Possession
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cd D 11.06.18
this offering is part of public possessions 5th anniversary celebrations. public possession rare dance disc includes previously unreleased music by almost all label artists. 15 tracks carefully selected, released on compact disc in a limited edition of 300 copies. representative for the labels output so far, you will find a wide variety of music, fullfilling various dj needs, providing everything from bubbling ambient, synth pop and uptempo disco to peaktime mainstage material, 90s influenced rnb and more.
Public Possession
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15.99 EUR *
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