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10" Vinyl D 04.05.15
ovc is from chicago where he has been producing. and playing out electronic stuff in one form or another for like ten years including a lot of gigs and some residencies for example in sonotheque. but it s only the last three or four years hes gotten into the deeper side of techno and recently into the deeper/dubbier techno style. his music is a little raw as he does it all in hardware just live to two-track. he weaves together deep narratives out of a collection of blinking sequencers and drum machines. always assisted by a generous dose of reverb and delay. ovc releases with us on telrea the first 3 tracker we have done. all 3 tracks being on the calmer side of electronic music. rich in depth of sound and motion.
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 24.04.15
instruments is an acoustic project by internationally celebrated producer/performer/composer henrik schwarz. he is an artist highly on request to create energetic dance music productions for boy george. stevie wonder. james brown. indie stars ane brun. the foals. omar. or jazz legends like mark murphy. the classical arrangements on instruments are created by johannes brecht as a fully acoustic listening experience of schwarzs chart topping melodic compositions.
pressing on 180 gram audiophile vinyl. including download card.
Music On Vinyl
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32.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 29.08.14
symbiostic 015! nice techno stuff. a must have! after a successfull last collaboration with the italian duo lovcom symbiostic took a further step in gathering a group of artists on their latest vinyl to capture the essence of dark and deep rolling sounds
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10.59 EUR *
2xcd D 07.02.11
the debut-album by aril brikha! not to be missed!
Art Of Vengeance

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 17.99)
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15.99 EUR *
cassette / tape UK 31.05.18
after a number of dance-floor’esque releases and live performances as a modern day acidhouse crooner. your planet is next stops the sequencer and takes a trip off the grid on the new label gröna stugans väg. 60 minutes of glittering lo-fi compositions. to accompany you perhaps while in the bathtub. meditating. painting. or swimming. the artwork folds out to a mini poster made by ypin himself. c60 cassette. limited to 140 copies.
Grona Stugans Vag
Last Copy!
11.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.11.10
following the smashing uk charts and radio with rescue me. skepta makes a highly anticipated return with new single cross my heart. the track sees skepta go hard? he splits serious bars about his life and success to date underpinned by dramatic strings. sweeping synths and a hard heavy n fast bass line. this second 12 has mixes from dj fresh hot on the heels of his massive gold dust fresh provides 3 killer mixes.
3 Beat
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 06.10.10
1982 hiphop/electro classic on tommy boy.
Tommy Boy
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7.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 11.05.07
this is the return of the demon hardtechno label slaughter. the sublabel was set up as a sister/sub label of braindamage and presented itself with the very first release as a new outing of colassal hard-techno that will mash up your brain and leave you shaking with uncontrollable fear. it is time for a good old fashioned. messy massacre... these boys come blazin´ !!
out of stock
7.99 EUR *

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