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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: ooodjkoz
12" Vinyl RO 26.05.17
a newborn imprint with an obscure name makes the perfect home for kozo to showcase some of his studio work under the ooodjkoz alter ego.
uncle tom’s tune needs all its 13 minutes to develop, with the melodic pattern fading in and out the wobbly baseline, like hiding from the sci fi sounds scattered throughout the track. crafted to please crowds that enjoy to be cooked slowly, milly van illy takes it to a more dynamic pace, stiching the groove beneath the percussions and storing all the energy into the hi hats. as for lady gargara, we’re gratified with a twisted cocktail of chopped voices stuttering on broken drum loops.
uncommon as it may sound, drag and drob ep is here to add some spice to your record collection.
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