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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: ohm / kvadrant
12" Vinyl UK 16.04.18
the resurgence of icelandic techno continues with the latest release on ae recordings. seeing bjarnar jonsson returning to his long standing ohm project alongside emergent talent kvadrant. the pair were last seen on kvadarant s kontakt label. and their production partnership is clearly still yielding quality. dubbed out techno in the finest scandinavian tradition. even if all the tracks are built with a steely techno focus to them. the synth work and sound design scattered throughout the tracks elevates this to a higher level. not least on the bubbling geisers of signal processing that course through the middle of grip.
AE 07
AE Recordings Iceland
out of stock
10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl colored D 24.07.17
limited triple coloured vinyl pressing. do not sleep. brand new label from copenhagen exploring the universe of chord/dubtechno run by the host of the legendary tweakfm show. johnny fredsgaard aka kvadrant. first release contains four solid dub influenced tracks made by ohm and the label owner himself. ohm needs no introduction as he is a well established icelandic artist and a part of the label family around the thule label. over the years he has teamed up with artists such as exos and octal industries with whom he already released two eps in 2017 on rawax and taped artifact. ejer is made for the dancefloor with its heavy rhythm. characteristic roland space echo delayed chords and a stunning break which will make the floor burn as soon as the bass kicks in. laki is a fast paced track with repetitive chords and heavy kick. octal industries takes laki to a deeper level and delivers a stand out groovy remix of the track and adds a bit of a melodic flow to it. yding is a groovy crossover track which fits well in the world between techno and house. watch out for the phat funky bassline.
Kontakt Records
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9.49 EUR *

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