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12" Vinyl D Pre sale
debut ep of o.s.r. with a classy two house/breaks tracker on yoy. the 10th edition comes with a hand silk-screened sleeve!!
12.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.08.16
invisible, inc now brings the aptly named spacerocks into the fold with the release of a 6- track ep that comes storming in from the outer reaches of a galaxy light years away (or just decades past?) into the earpiece of your unwashed spacesuit. it s hard to pinpoint what genre this actually fits into but if you imagine vapourspace s gravitational arch of 10 as interpreted by vangelis with drum programming by nitzer ebb you d be getting reasonably close. other influences may well include cluster, conrad schnitzler, chris & cosey to name a few, while comparisons can be made to contemporaries like solyst, musiccargo, barnt and secret circuit. spacerocks is a solo offshoot project from higamos hogamos main man steve webster (also fort lauderdale, the black neon, memphis industries, dc recordings). the project sees steve ditch his band and strip things down to his modular, vintage and custom-built synthesizer set up alongside equally rare and vintage analogue drum machines, sequencers and fx units.
Invisible Inc
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
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