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12" Vinyl D 23.06.20
we are more than happy for nutia returning to tal der verwirrung with a gloomy, twisted yet hauntingly beautiful solo ep after his first appearance on the label in 2017. dreamy, distant bells and subtle, organic drums form the canvas for warm chords which nutia pairs with dubby bassline stabs and vocals of his very special vocalist.
Tal Der Verwirrung
in stock
15.59 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl FR 21.09.16
it’s in the depths of the oceans that pierrox finds his inspiration for this ambient music. he uses natural sounds (like whale songs for example) to take us on an abyssal trip between purity and aggression. two talented producers, nutia (german) and shcaa (english) take us back to the surface with their minimal tech-house remix.
Schyzoophrenic Records
out of stock
8.47 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.04.14
the winter is almost gone and luettje luises mama comes out of hibernation. with a new playground at home, it will take a talented hand to prepare for the upcoming spring. along comes nutia, sowing his seeds of *raounuor*.
Laut & Luise
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7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 08.08.13
nutia arrangiert flickenlose tanzteppiche. warme bässe, flirrende atmosphären und ein ausgepägtes gespür für groove in seiner essenziellsten form. mit der nötigen coolness hat der dj aus hamburg seine eigenständigkeit und einen homogenen sound entwickelt. sein neuestes werk >papo< bietet einen soundtrack für drinnen, für draußen und für alle jahreszeiten. das ganze wird ergänzt durch großartige remixe von lake people und hannes smith.
Like Birdz Records
out of stock
8.28 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.02.18
diego krause in charge for soi008 - 4 allrounders for your record bag. this is the non - artwork edition
out of stock
10.42 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.02.18
diego krause in charge for soi008 - 4 allrounders for your record bag.
out of stock
10.42 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.10.16
sireli is the first release of viken armans newly created record label. he will be gathering his closest friends on this project and was was joined by bedouin, mira, christopher schwarzwalder, canson and nutia for this ep. sireli is an amalgam of vikens unique folkloric and traditional crafted sounds. drop of raki is the result of an unexpected early morning collaboration with and iannis ritter. the track goes deeper into vikens armenian roots and oriental influences.
Denature Records
out of stock
11.65 EUR *
VOL.2 - 2011
12" Vinyl D 04.04.11
musik gewinnt freunde start the new year with the second various artist release in a row. this time it s a simple combination. you just take two guys from hamburg (germany) and two from france. the result is a record with versatile sounds that fit perfectly together as one. kind regards from hamburg are sent by oliver schories (releases on ostwind and parquet) with a grown-up, chords-driven house track and nutia with an airy, coltish piece of music, which brings us right into spring-time. there is going to be some great french music in your ears by caspian, who leads us straight to the dancefloor.
Musik Gewinnt Freunde 15
Musik Gewinnt Freunde
out of stock
7.50 EUR *
cd NL 17.06.09
out of stock
13.64 EUR *
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