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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: nu yorical soul
12" Vinyl UK 30.09.14
kenny dope and louie vegas nu-yorican soul project was responsible for some of the biggest underground club hits to come out of nyc throughout the 1990s, their collective vast musical knowledge, impeccable taste and legendary status as djs in the city only helped elevate them to the highest level.
the nervous track is a fine example of the duos deep musical heritage, originally released on nervous records in 1993 its deep pads, bassline and solid as a rock breakbeats captured the ears and minds of any self respecting dj or dancer who came within a hundred miles of it, the very definition of a classic! fusing the worlds of jazz, latin, hiphop and house maw set the blueprint for generations of djs and producers to come with records like this.
here, re-mastered and re-issued from the original dats in conjunction with nervous records nyc is a piece of dance music history, the nervous track is available again and still sounding as vital and groundbreaking as it did on its original release.
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