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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: nightmares on wax presents
2x12" Vinyl UK 23.01.19
a personal collection for after hours grooving from nightmares on wax. limited pressing on 180 gram double vinyl.
Back To Mine
out of stock
27.28 EUR *
cd UK 08.03.19
Back To Mine
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15.59 EUR *
2cd UK 08.03.12
george evelyn aka dj e.a.s.e/nightmares on wax has long been a member of the warp records family. his music was some of the first released on the highly regarded, pioneering electronic label home to artists such as lfo, jamie lidell, autechre and aphex twin. back in 1988 he released his debut album on warp and has built up a massive global following of loyal fans and connoisseurs of good music alike. after releasing his fifth studio album e.a.s.e. in 2007, george fulfilled his lifelong dream of starting a record label and wax on records was born. in tandem to recording further solo material he has built a brand around his own label with artists such as marcel, guts, negghead, gelka, hungryghost, the deadbeats and the planty herbs recording for the imprint
Ministry Of Sound
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18.32 EUR *

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