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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: nice up! vs maximum sound
12" Vinyl UK 12.12.13
another dancefloor essential from the nice up! crew - this time hooking up with iconic reggae label maximum sounds, who this year celebrate 20 years in the business. having worked with pretty much every big name in dancehall and reggae, label owner and producer frenchie entrusted nice up! head honcho shep to delve into the vaults to rework some classics for this jungle soundclash ep. first up, belgiums turntable dubbers take on the mighty bounty killer and lukie d, creating a monstrous drum & bass anthem that will slay any soundsystem. then it is portugals ricky tuffs turn to ramp up a selection of vocalists including mr vegas, burro bantan, carl meeks & fuzzy jones on the sound exterminata riddim - total soundboy destruction! both tracks are tried and tested by names such as serial killaz, benny page, david rodigan and more.
Nice Up!
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