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12" Vinyl UK 28.07.20
phreaky trippin acidic electro
Lone Romantic
in stock
11.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.03.18
making his debut on i love acid is argentinian-born, barcelona resident nehuen. best known for co-running the classicworks imprint with cardopusher, the pair are also labelmates on boys noize, and have a similar approach of raw, machine funk finding the sweet spot between acid, jacking techno and ebm. heavy duty stuff for dark and sweaty dancefloors. strictly limited to 303 copies, on hand-stamped & numbered heavyweight 12inch vinyl. no digital. no represses
I Love Acid
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.03.17
end of dayz presents its tenth release with all stars vol 1., some old friends and a new face on the label. ness, who made a remix on the 002 brings us his original track “semblance”. nx1, who remixed the first reference and did the 003, brings us a mysterious “eod4”. on the b side we have nehuen, who has already published as cws (with cardopusher) the reference 006. this time brings us his track “fight or flight response”. finally, we welcome to end of dayz the german sebastian habben and his track “bdt”.
End Of Dayz
out of stock
9.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 17.04.19
first recortd of the -raval rave breakers- compilation. this vvaa contains 5 tracks of electro with artists like boris divider, the remix of the american patricia to the argentinean nehuen, or the flagship artist of m.u.s.a, rnxrx
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.11.17
asuntos internos is an ep dedicated to artists from spain, in this case 3 from barcelona (nlk, delusions & niet! and nehuen) and 1 from madrid (vvv). the first two songs, -overview- and -100 freeze-, have a obscure tones, and darkwave intensity. in -exorcism- delirious voices are planned on a magnetic basis while relatively ethereal, while -i do not know what i want- (jump it now mix) finally jumps into the dance floor with a purely techno ebm cut. asuntos internos es un ep dedicado a artistas del pais, en este caso 3 de barcelona (nlk, delusions & niet ! y nehuen) y 1 de madrid (vvv). las dos primeras canciones, -overview- y -100 freeze-, tienen un tono más post-punk: la primera recuerda a the cure y la segunda añade intensidad industrial. en -exorcismo- unas voces delirantes planean sobre una base magnética a la vez que relativamente etérea, mientras que -i don t know what i want (want it now mix)- salta finalmente a la pista de baile con un corte puramente techno ebm.
Clasicos Del Ruido
in stock
11.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.08.17
fourth part in the mutant city acid collection. a quartet of new takes on the sound of the tb303. strictly limited to 303 copies. hand numbered 12” vinyl in silver ink. no digital. no represses. all previous releases in the series have sold out swiftly. serious slo-mo acid doom from drvg cvltvre and han do jin (aka warlock), while nehuen provides a raw analogue workout, and mark broom completes the set with a peak time banger.
Balkan Vinyl
out of stock
7.98 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.02.11
iberian records comes out of a hibernation period with the a series of >tax haven< eps. this first ep comes from a group of producers located in the barcelona bass enclave and who have been some of the main players in the monthly b.low events there. dedicated to what the label describes as bass n groove, this ep contains three varied and original sounding tunes with different bpms suited to the leftfield of various bass music fields (dubstep/funky/future garage etc).
Iberian Records
in stock
7.40 EUR *
cd UK 09.12.14
so wie der highway interstate 101 länder und kulturen von kalifornien bis mexiko verbindet, genauso eine länder- wie kulturenübergreifende wirkung hat für jeremy cottereau aka djedjotronic auch die elektronische clubmusik. auf seiner gleichnamigen compilation präsentiert er meist exklusive neue tracks von electrogrößen wie the hacker, maeltrom, glass figure, miss kittin, scntst, defekt, jensen interceptor oder noob. sämtliche exclusives sind auf cd2 noch einmal in voller länge zu hören.
Boysnoize Records
out of stock
16.56 EUR *
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