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12" Vinyl UK 07.11.19
depth of my soul presents nat wendell
DMS 002
Depth of My Soul
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.05.18
nat wendell launches the depth of my soul label with a confident slab of deepness that should draw plenty of heat on the peaks and troughs of the house music landscape. -the way- is a crisply produced pumper, revolving around a seductive little lead line and the haunting titular vocal hook - there s a whiff of tech in the make up of the track, but the groove is all house. -theoretics- follows down a similar path, keeping things moody and mechanical without disposing of the funk, and then it s down to -release your soul- to bring a little light into proceedings with some mellow keys and dubby flourishes.
DMS 001
Depth of My Soul
in stock
10.69 EUR *
SOUL OF A NATION 2 (1969 - 1975 (180G 3LP + MP3)
3x12" Vinyl D 28.11.18
second part of the soundtrack to accompany the “soul of a nation: art in the the age of black power” exhibition, entitled “jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher”. pressing on triple 180 gram vinyl with download code included.
Soul Jazz
Last Copy!
32.49 EUR *
COB# 10 (3LP)
3x12" Vinyl UK 27.02.18
courtesy of balance recordings presents their 10th release to date. a compilation of 9 pieces of timeless house music that will rock the underground parties and twisted after hours alike. showcasing the talent of artist hailing from chicago, montreal, london and geneva and france, this triple pack is bound to become yet another classic on the balance catalogue. dont snooze baby!!
COB 10
Courtesy Of Balance
out of stock
25.99 EUR *
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